On the Sticks

A cabled scarf in charcoal gray merino wool for Mr. BJ. It’s a rather late Christmas gift. And at this point, it might ready for Christmas 2012.

BJ\'s scarf

I love the challenge of cabling. It is such detailed work by comparison to my normal stockinette scarf creations. Knitting, watching Downton Abbey and dreaming of my grandmother’s British heritage has become a new Sunday night routine. Oh, how I am in love with this program!


4 Replies to “On the Sticks”

  1. Gorgeous scarf! I am knitting a never ending fisherman’s rib scarf of doom. If I ever finish that… who knows. Something pretty for ME!

  2. That will be a lovely grey scarf. And –
    I stay up too late on Sundays to watch it and then punish myself Monday morning squeeeeekinggggg out of bed for an extra cup of coffee!

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