One Community: January

January 5th

One Community is a monthly photo project in which participants photograph their homes and communities with a theme in mind. The theme varies by month. The goal is to both showcase similarities and differences in our communities worldwide – and bring us all closer together in understanding through art.

This is the link code, if you care to join us. All are welcome.

Each month, one of the hosts picks four words for us to interpret through photographs of what we see around us in our daily lives.

The Rules:  Post one or more photos interpreting the words for the month, and add your blog post to the link-up.  Please include a link back to the link-up post on your One Community post, and take a look at some of the other links and comment on them.

This month’s words, selected by Sheila are: treasure, silver, resolution and winter.

Treasure: Time with friends and family from far and wide who I had a chance to see during the last few weeks. Love these folks and wish I could keep all of them happily in the same neighborhood forever.

One community: January

Silver: A Christmas star and two people who I love most. I hope to return to Colorado sooner than later to be near my brother and his girlfriend, Jess.

One community: January

Resolution: This year, I will read more. Never mind the new Downtown Abbey season starts tonight — I want to spend more time with books and writing. These are a few books I received for Christmas.

One community: January

Winter: Oh, Golden. Clear Creek had some ice dam issue and was frozen beyond belief in December. Imagine an entire street of Golden with cars frozen to the street. This has been a winter to remember, for my friends in Colorado.

I don’t miss slipping and sliding and driving in snow. I do miss those snow days when you curled up with a heavy blanket and a crackling fireplace. Winter in Phoenix means you can go outside without a water bottle.

One community: January


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7 Responses

  1. I love your comment about having treasured ones all in the same neighborhood – I feel the same way with my “crew.” Winter weather always makes me want to read more.

  2. “Winter in Phoenix means you can go outside without a water bottle.” – haha! Once again you’ve captured it.

    My sister-in-law jokes about finding an island where all the people she loves can move, away from all the craziness. Of course, some of us bring our own crazy. 😉

    Hadn’t heard about Golden. Should check in with my aunt to make sure they’ve thawed out ok.

  3. Did I mention I LOVE your blog…always the right words and the right photos to inspire me…you are a blessing to me!

  4. I need to read more this year as well. I set a goal in 2013 to read 25 books and I didn’t make it. Sad!

  5. Coming over from the link-up! Love your pictures. Are you from Colorado? We live here and Golden is one our favorite places to go. We have many a picture with that “M” in it 😉

  6. Lovely pictures.
    Time with loved ones is a treasure for me too.
    Read more is a great idea!
    And I would not mind your Arizona winter, on the contrary!! xx

  7. That’s a great stack of books. Nice to see you’re expanding your sewing skills. Make sure you have tissues handy when you read “A Dog’s Purpose” and if you like it read the sequel, “A Dog’s Journey”. Both books made me look at my dog in a new light.