One Fire, One Broken Chair, Lots of Great Conversation

November 6th

Community Dinner: 11-07-08

community dinner 005
community dinner 008
King Ranch Chicken
King Ranch Chicken
community dinner 014
Cornbread and black bean casserole
Cornbread and black bean casserole
That candle later caused a fire.

{This candle would later cause a small house fire. Thankfully I had a firefighter’s wife on hand to put it out and mop the floor in the process. Phew.}

The fire
The fire -- thank God for Amanda
Chips and salsa
Eliza and Ryan
Elaina and Spence
The Gang gets together to grub
Tyson gets seconds (thirds?)

15+ came, there was plenty of food, and thank goodness — no major fire damage.
Three cheers for community dinner and the new casserole cookbook!


P.S. Nanoblogmo — you can kiss my … blog. I’m going to DC for the weekend to attend the national green festival and you can’t tether me! No you can’t! Okay, maybe you can. But no promises. Two posts today = no post tomorrow when I’m traveling.
xoxo -kelli

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25 Responses

  1. Well that was an exciting dinner. Glad there was no major damage or injuries.

  2. I want the recipe, thanks……

  3. Ack, a house fire! I’m glad no one was hurt and that everyone had a great time. I hope you do the same in DC–let me know if you plan to poke around in Arlington at all; that’s where I live!

  4. Looks like a fun time. Have a fun trip! Are you going both days? I live right outside of D.C. and was thinking of going!

  5. A fire oh my! Looks like it was fun in spite of the fire! Have a great time on your trip!

  6. A fire?! How scary, I’m glad there wasn’t major damage. Have a fun trip.

  7. Great turnout! The photos look fabulous! Mmmm…good food!! A fire!?! Oh my. Glad it was minimal. That sure must have added excitement to the evening. Have fun in D.C. Take lots of photos. Love that city!

  8. Dang! Everything looks so good. I am glad you had a great time….and that your fire was small. Yikes!

    Have a fantastic trip!

  9. Yay for community dinners..but oh my gosh, I’m so glad nothing was badly damaged by the fire..that’s a very dramatic post title you’ve got up there..have fun in DC!!

  10. Looks like another memorable community dinner!! Wish there was a way to have a virtual community dinner so all of us could attend πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend in DC, can’t wait to hear all about it.

  11. Tina in Duluth November 7, 2008

    Very memorable! πŸ™‚

  12. Looks like i missed a good one…haha.

  13. You’ve outdone me. We never had a fire, I’ll have to double check but I’m pretty sure. We did have other adventures, cuts, burns, etc.

  14. I’ve been to the DC event twice and the SF one twice. The next one to conquer is the one here in Chicago. You’ll love it! Too bad I’m not going to the one in DC, we could’ve met up.

  15. Have fun in DC and the event. Sound slike a great time. Your dinner looked great — what was the casserole? Here’s to other types of excitement at your gar=therings other than house fires! Take good care.

  16. Way to stand up to the Nablopomo. I succumbed to the pressure last year and feel so free this year. Then again, I’m coasting on about 10 posts a year so there’s not much there there.

    I figure it’s not a good party if something doesn’t get broken. Congratulations!

  17. That candle looks so innocent!

    Great interview/article, by the way. And a great lead-in to casserole meals – and yours looks delicious…

  18. You gotta watch those candles, I tell ya – I had something similar happen last Christmas. πŸ˜‰ Glad all turned out well. Yummy food, as always, looks like…

  19. Who’s the CUTE guy with the Dave Grohl hair in the last picture? Yowza.

  20. Looks yummy! Have fun in DC.

  21. Your community dinners are certainly giving you some great memories! (Sounds right up there with the time some wrapping paper caught fire on a candle at Xmas with my in-laws and I ran outside with it – burning in my hand – to stomp it out in the snow!)

  22. yummy!! I love a good casserole.

  23. Looks like one and all had lots of fun:) Congrats on these community dinners. Do you have a particular group you invite or different people each time?

    Have fun this weekend in DC:) I live nearby and wish I was going to be around as I would love to meet you. However we have a two-day assembly in Pennsylvania this weekend. Oh well next time.

  24. Hi honey!
    I need to just email you and fill you in on “stuff”. I miss keeping in touch :o(

    BIG XOXOXOX’s to you.
    Rhonda and Jordan