One Yard Wonders: Another Flop


Safe to say, I’m not having much sewing luck these days. While your pattern in One Yard Wonders is adorable and I can’t wait to make it, I’ve had nothing but trouble from the others we’ve so far selected for our monthly sew-along. This month’s Pampered Pooch project was no better.


Dharma, the family pooch, is always next to my mom. In this case, by the sewing table.

I read the pattern for the dog collar with two dogs in mind: Sydney — the super guest, and a new puppy friend — The Snows of Mount Kilimanjaro (Kili). I read the pattern. And then I read it again. And then one more time. Not only was I going to have to guess the length of their necks but I also had no luck finding an O ring at my sewing shops in town.

Happy in her environment

So I did what any logical seamstress would do. I took the project to Texas and asked my sewing mama for help. Now, I’m going to add the following details as background information — not simple bragging. My mother has won international sewing prizes for her quilts. She’s got more ribbons pinned to sewing projects than you can imagine. Some of these quilts have taken years (like her Dear Jane.) So a simple dog collar shouldn’t be Everest, or in this case — Kilimanjaro.

Sew Mama Sew!

Alas, even she threw in the towel after two hours of trying to make the instructions work. As you noted, this collar is a Martingale style. Most vets, pet salons, dog parks, etc., require quick release collars. So the shopping for supplies, the gorgeous orange Mozambican capulana I cut up for the fabric and the time trying to decode the pattern were a complete waste.

I see you had problems too. I also see you are far more motivated than I am and you turned these lemons into lemonade. (My mom and instead made margaritas.) I’ll have to give your pattern a whirl! Next month? I’m going to let you happily pick the sewing project. And I promise to do it and be happy about it. May I suggest the laptop sleeve? That looks simple enough. Or better yet — how about your trash bag?


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  1. I thought I was the only one what absolutely HATED the instructions in this book. I am not the seamstress your Mom is but I have been sewing long enough to be able to “figure” things out and have had challenges with the instructions. Phew….good to know I am not the only one PLUS I can ALWAYS do the cooking project.

  2. Whew! I read the pattern at least 4 times over the weekend and it made no sense. And since I don’t have I dog, I decided NEVERMIND.
    Yes, please…. trash bag. I should have one for each of my kids – they are such slobs in the car.

  3. Kelli, I love Dharma, she is precious! Your mom has a great sewing area. I hope to meet her sometime.

    I’ve been having a tough time at the sewing machine this week. So disappointing! I’m intrigued by those trash bags.

  4. I ditched this month’s project in favor of the OYW kid’s messenger bag:

    Will also finish the OYW petite diaper tote for a friend by the end of the month. Will blog that soon too … made some modifications to that one too.

    I love this book but it does require a bit of customization and, um, not always following the instructions. Glad I didn’t even attempt the dog walking set.

  5. Mom’s rock dont they! I am going to do the May finny donk craft along this month for the first time. Cant wait to hear what the projects are! Yee haw for margaritas! And for craft room reset up.

  6. Oh mama. Yeah. Not into Martingale style collars over here in doggie daycare land. But, thanks to all the trash bags I made (before, during and after their acceptance into OYW), I have plenty of buckles (easily found at Joann – 1″ Parachute buckle) and after a recent dash over to Joann, I easily found the adjustable sliders and D rings for my collar remake.

    If you choose my trash bag pattern for your next month’s project, at least you know I’m close by if you have questions. Plus, come on, I made this up in my pea brain, so you know it’s not super confusing. You probably don’t even need the pattern itself.

    Anyway – I hope you hugged Dharma and your folks for me – I love your clan.

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