One Yard Wonders: February

Awful horrible stupid tissue paper pattern

Dear Fin,

Okay, I have a big dirty secret to admit: there are times when I am so sick of sewing, I don’t look at my machine for months. When I left for Cancun December 15th, I tucked my machine and supplies away. They didn’t re-emerge until last night. I needed a break. You could tell in my work that I was bored and frankly, it gave me time to fall in love again with knitting. (Not to mention, this craft is much easier to take with you on said beach vacations.)

Awful horrible stupid tissue paper pattern

Yesterday when I pulled out my shiny new copy of “One Yard Wonders” for our sew-along this year I was utterly dismayed to find tissue paper patterns. Am I the only one who finds these insanely difficult to work with and store? Perhaps I don’t have the patience required. When I finally found the pieces, cut them out and refolded all the other giant sheets of tissue patterns, I realized there was absolutely no getting them back in the book’s tiny front pocket from which they had emerged.

Elephant pillow sham

The good news is — I’ve got the patterns cut and some super cute fabric to work with for this Folklore Bag. Isn’t this elephant print delightful? It is actually a giant pillow sham I received as a gift from a friend. I’ve been waiting to use it for just the right project. It’s folksy and fun and has elephants! Perfect.

Elephant pillow sham

Rant over. Hope you have the patience I’m missing!



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  1. I can never get the tissue pattern back in the envelope either. But, equally frustrating, is buying a pattern and then finding that the whole project was printed on one 11 x 17 page AND you have to trace all the pieces. Or, you have to read very carefully and measure 3 inches from the fold or add 9 inches to the length, etc. I think your project with elephants will be very cute!!

  2. Yes I hate the tissue paper pattern pieces. I prefer the standard weight paper pieces from Amy Butler’s Institches, but alas, we can’t have everything. *sigh*

    I have been folding the pieces back up and putting them back in the envelope, for now, but will be transferring them to clear sheet protectors and putting them in my craft binder before long. I just can’t be wrestling with that BS every time I want to make something.

    Either way – welcome back Sewing Machine and enjoy the process. This is a great project to make 🙂

  3. YES! I’m having trouble psyching myself up to deal with the tissue patterns. Just finding the correct pieces is aggravating enough to put me off (not that I need much of an excuse to procrastinate.) I’ve been way too spoiled by the plain paper versions.

    Still, it’s such a cute bag….

  4. I solved this problem for myself. Now I buy lightweight interfacing- not fusible. I trace the patterns onto that and cut out the interfacing pattern. This is especially important for clothing patterns if you ever want to try another size.

  5. I’ve been off sewing myself for several months, too. Now that I’ve finished a big knitting project (a sweater for me–yippee!) I’m thinking about getting my machine out again soon.

  6. As Mom Taxi Julie commented, I just iron them and plunk everything back in the pocket. You could also just fold them into a large envelope and stick it in the back of the book.

    I love the fabric you’re using. I’m working on my project, too, but keep waffling about what I want to do in terms of the fabrics.

  7. I couldn’t face cutting out the little bitty brim for the hat last month and then trying to cram it all back in the pocket, so I traced it onto some cheap crappy interfacing. I think I’ll do the same this time. And I hear you on not feeling like sewing. But cauliflower is on the menu for tomorrow night. 😉 And last night we had the January dressing over brussel sprouts ala finny. The kids hated it, but the grownups loved it.

  8. These comments were all so funny to me! I guess I’m just used to the tissue paper, when I’ve made a few of my own patterns on “regular” paper, I ended up bending pins. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong?!

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