Orange Love

May 10th

Almost a year ago, I heard a blog friend from Georgia would be moving to Phoenix. I was delighted.  As she planned the move westward, we exchanged countless emails about neighborhoods, churches and activities. I was really looking forward to spending time with Tina. (Once upon a time, she’d sent me a gorgeous crochet scarf that I wear regularly.)

It is always strange to meet someone in person for the first time when you’ve been chatting as friends on the Internets for years. I’ve pushed through this level of social discomfort and have met some amazing women. It is a sweet pleasure to hear someone’s actual voice for the first time, in contrast with how you thought it would sound. Without fail, each blogger I’ve met “in real life” has been even kinder than I could have imagined.

Tina and I have been spending time together since she arrived. Her family is incredibly kind and our mutual domestic hobbies keep us chatting away in knitting stores. She’s introduced me to Arizona landmarks I never made the time to explore. I’ve shown her the culinary pleasures of Pita Jungle.When we were knitting together in December, I was working on my light pink wrap, which ended up far too small. I still wear and adore it, because I spent gobs of money on cashmere yarn and countless hours knitting, but I bemoaned how I’d love a bigger version.

Love this orange wrap!


Tina. Made. This. For. Me.

Can you believe that?

The glorious orange sweater

It is orange, beautiful, soft, perfect, warm and made me feel quite at home this weekend in Idaho with Finny — who is a masterful knitter.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness of this act and so very thankful that yet again, I’ve been blessed with a generous and sweet friendship. Thank you Tina!


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11 Responses

  1. It’s gorgeous! And I’m not surprised that you received such a wonderful, generous gift from a friend. You are the same kind of wonderful, generous friend, Kelli. What goes around, comes around. What a man sows, he reaps. Karma. Law of attraction. Whatever words you use to describe this cause and effect miracle of the universe, it works for everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. As the recipient of unexpected and generous gifts from you, I can tell you that it’s no surprise to hear this story.

    And yay to Tina for being such a generous, kind soul!

  2. What a GORGEOUS wrap! And I agree with everything Charlene said.

    I had the pleasure of meeting an online friend in March — he was even nicer in person than via his blog. I wrote about our meet-up here:

  3. How beautiful and perfect!! So glad you got to be a receiver this time around. 😉

  4. Gorgeous…and so are you. I like your hair long.

  5. Wowza! Beautiful wrap and a sweet friend! Woot! And you and Finny?…Well y’all look as gorgeous as ever!

  6. Oh, it looks like it is beautifully made, and that color is stunning on you!

  7. H & H May 11, 2010

    You deserve every good thing that comes your way, Kelli! You look fabulous in that wrap – the color is perfect for you. Meant for you!!

    Is it possible to be humbled and honored at the same time?

  8. Plus, it’s orange? AND WHO DOESN’T LIKE ORANGE?

    Sara lee.

    No, just kidding – NOBODY!

    Such a beautiful wrap. In person, I cuddled it muchly. Nice work, Tina!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. It looks very warm and cuddly.

  10. Isn’t it the best when someone spoils you???