April 16th

I have a lot of jewelry. I’d guess the sum total value of all of it is less than $200, but the sentimental value of the beads I traded for on the streets of Bamenda, the earrings I brought back from the Philippines, my grandmother’s turquoise bracelet — you get the idea.

You say toolbox, I say jewelry wrangler!

How to move these small items without causing a kinky, knotty nightmare?

You say toolbox, I say jewelry wrangler!

You say toolbox, I say jewelry wrangler!

It is far from glamourous, but a couple of these tool drill bit boxes from the local hardware store worked beautifully. Plus, they stack nicely and can slide under a bed if necessary.

This move is feeding the very type A, over-organized happy side of me. If I was a superhero, my scream for forward march would not be “Onward Ho!,” but “To the Container Store!”



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3 Responses

  1. Doesn’t it make the inner borderline-OCD-monster go “Aaaaahhhhh” when you organize something like that (says the former ICU nurse)? I just giggled when I saw this post because I believed I could almost FEEL your shoulders relax a little like mine did. I did the same with my jewelry, except I paid a little darn too much for these pretty canvas-covered partitioned trays at Target (“but look, they’ll be so pretty on our closet shelves!”–my husband just smiled and rolled his eyes–he’s all-too-familiar with my eeklittlehappydances over giving the toothpaste its own specific part of the tray in the bathroom drawer). I like that your solution is not only practical, it’s portable as well! “Aaaaaahhhh…”.

  2. I love to organize stuff too. Too bad everyone comes behind me like bulldozers and mess it up! I had to learn to let it go or I’d go crazy 🙂

  3. OMG that’s a brilliant idea. I too have a lot of necklaces, and I just may steal your idea.