OYW July + August


I may officially be the very worst sewing partner in the history of sew-alongs because this is what my May/June project looks like:

June's project...

I’ve got a super cute fabric, plenty of bias tape and I’m ready to roll. I just haven’t gotten there quite yet. Thankfully, others did. You picked a great winner for this double month’s projects.

I think we shall pick two more to get us through the summer hump. How about:


The elephant! Come on. I’m African. If I had a pattern in this book, this would be it. And speaking of authors of published patterns…

July-August projects

It’s about time we made YOUR pattern for the Not Ugly Car Trash Bag. I might be a little proud. (Kinda like BP might be in a little trouble. Aretha may need to loose a little weight. Oprah may have a little money.) How cute is that Airedale in the photo?


Answer: not as cute as Miss Lola, who I doggy-sat this weekend.

I digress.

As the One Yard Wonder sew-along goes, Finny and I post a sewing project from the book, along with a great recipe to try. This month’s recipe is Fin’s fabulous summer strawberry salad.Yum. I love salad. I love fruit. I love them combined. Good work Fin! As a participant in the monthly challenge (bi-monthly in the lazy summer months), you pick a sewing project or two, and/or the recipe and share them on your blog and post photos to the photo pool. We randomly pick one rocking winner a month to reward to crafty goods.

Craft on, my friends. Craft on.


4 Replies to “OYW July + August”

  1. You are the dog-sitter extraordinaire! Lola is way cute – I love pugs. Looking forward to our two new summer projects. I do believe I have a goddaughter who needs an elephant and her mama may need a trash bag for the car because HELLO GOLDFISH CRACKERS.


  2. I LOVE that trash bag for the car!!!! Every parent needs one of those, but I have never gotten one cause they are so ugly. Where do I find out how to make that?

  3. OMG! Could you make (at your ultimate leisure) an elephant for Rory? It is her favorite animal, and especially cute! Miss you lots!

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