Pantry Alchemy

November 6th

Groceries for the community dinner

Tonight is the Fall return of the Community Dinner. My African travel saint is cruising through town to introduce me to his new girlfriend and I felt a party was in order. Thanks to my love of travel, my budget for such parties is always constrained. While I’d love to feed Spence and the dozen others who will come over tonight filet mignon, Malbec and foie gras creme brule, we’re having casseroles instead. Alma recently gifted me a lovely new casserole cookbook. Tonight’s menu: King Ranch Chicken, Cornbread & Black Beans and Apple Strudel.

$40 culinary alchemy

Apparently being thrifty is the new black. Who knew cheap could be chic? I was interviewed for an article in the Wall Street Journal this week discussing how the economy is changing our perspectives on spending. I love to entertain and cook for others. I also love to be able to pay all my bills. Thanks to a bit of pantry alchemy and smart grocery shopping, I’m pulling off this dinner for a dozen for $40. This doesn’t include alcohol, but does include dessert. Fingers crossed there is enough for everyone to enjoy!


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20 Responses

  1. Great article! How cool to see your name in print in the WSJ!!

  2. I miss community dinners. They use to drive me nuts.
    PS Community dinners (or time) is a JVC requirement.

  3. Oh boo! I want to live closer so I can get invited to one of your dinners!

  4. Nice article. Well done! I’m doubley impressed you’ll be feeding 12 for $40. Kudos!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect fall meal, and wow on the article! You are moving on up girl! And for good reason, you totally deserve it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let us know how the meal turns out, it sounds delicious.

  6. I love doing casseroles when I entertain. I get them together the day before and can just pop them in the oven. No last minute prep. No sweating in the kitchen alone when my guests are socializing. And they are usually hearty and filling. Let us know what you think of the cookbook.
    Off to read your interview now. Have a lovely dinner!

  7. How awesome your in the WSJ! Way to go girl, I’m sure your dinner will be fabulous. Have fun.

  8. Wow! An interview in the WSJ. Way to go Kelli!

  9. Forty dollars for a dozen people…Kelli rocks the house!

    It was fun to read your quotations in the Journal as well, very cool.

  10. Ooh, congrats on the article mention – very cool. And excellent meal idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. My husband just made King Ranch chicken last week. I’d never heard of it and now twice in as many weeks. Bon appetit! Will look for your name in the Wall Street – my husband’s favorite read. Love your Frida pieces.

  12. Tina in Duluth November 6, 2008

    Good job!

  13. How did you get contacted for an inteview? Fab and congrats! $40 for a dozen dinners is great. Definitely can’t find that good of a deal at any restaurant! Have fun!

  14. Looks like it will be a fun time Kelli for your community dinner. Enjoy! Congrat’s on your mention in the article. I am going to be able to say one day, “I knew her when.” :-))

  15. My favorite meals and most successful dinners usually involve simple foods. I love making a pasta dish like baked ziti with crusty bread and a salad; the best part of the meal is sharing it with friends and family. Have a great time at your dinner!

  16. Look at you all famous and stuff!

    Sounds YuuuummY! Take pictures!

  17. Dude – the dinner for a dozen for $40 is amazing and all, but do you realize you are in the freakin’ Wall Street Journal??? So awesome!

  18. It is Americans’ love of conspicuous consumption and unbridled borrowing that has landed us in this mess. I always knew you were a frugal type. I’ve clipped coupons most of my life, nothing wrong with that…ciao

  19. Way to go Kel, $40.00 for a dozen people is awesome. And a dinner cooked with love is just as good as filet mignon any day.

  20. Sounds like a yummy dinner! Congratulations on the interview – youre a superstar!