Papal Awesomeness

February 24th


Who would have thought the world would change if a Pope came to power who actually embodied the characteristic love and kindness of Jesus?

Who would  have thought any human, Pope or otherwise, could be this good? Someone who seeks social justice, works for the poor, eschews the fame and glory of such a prominent role,  and instead reminds those who report to him to him “no intrigue, gossip, power pacts, or favoritism.”

Who couldn’t use a reminder that intrigue, gossip, power pacts and favoritism — at home and at work — hurt us all? (Hey Arizona legislators, please consider this.)

I am loving Pope Francis. He gives me hope for the global Catholic church.


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4 Responses

  1. Whenever you’re ready to convert to Catholicism, just let me know and I’ll help you through the process. 😉

  2. So far, I am a huge fan of Pope Francis. His example is inspiring!

  3. I love him too and am inspired by him every day.

  4. He certainly does seem to be the epitome of Goodness. And I love the name he chose.