Paper and Puns

I found a new paper store last week that I love. It is expensive and the stock is limited, but the owners of PaperJoy are sweet and creative. They’ve made a lot out of their tiny space next to La Grande Orange in Phoenix. If you are a Phoenician, check it out. If you are secretly in love with Paper-Source, the mecca of all paper stores, you can save yourself the shipping expense by stopping in to PaperJoy to pick up most sized envelopes and cards. I covet the day I am able to return to the Beverly Hills Paper-Source for another day of sublime shopping. Silly how pretty paper does it for me, eh?

Paper Source Goodness

The last time I was at the lovely Paper-Source. Look at that smile. Oh, heaven.

Here are a few Easter – Passover – Spring cards I sewed last night with my new stock. I’m going to send these out with the last CAOK gifts during the next week.


eggageratingly cute
arent you eggcited

Eggageratingly cute? Eggactly what I was thinking!


7 Replies to “Paper and Puns”

  1. I have access to two PaperSource stores! I lived at that store when it was time to make my wedding invitations. There were so many papers & envelopes to choose from!

    Your holiday cards are so cute – I love the funky patterned eggs!

  2. I’d say you’re nuts, but I’m pretty sure I have the same insane smile on my face when I’m standing in the middle of the nursery talking to the plants, trying to decide which will come home with me. Your cards look lovely 🙂

  3. The cards are super cute. Have you been to the Paper Studio on Southern? Do you like it? I went in once, but I didn’t even know what I was looking for!

  4. I think your priorities are just right, who needs more paper, WE DO!!!!!. the cards are gorgeous.

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