Passport Menu

Appetizer platter

Appetizer inspired by the Mideast. Fruit, medjool dates, tahini, soft cheese, crackers, nuts.

Medjool dates, tahini, laughing cow

Medjool dates are my very favorite dessert.

African peanut soup

First course inspired by Africa: spicy peanut soup, served over brown rice with peanuts for garnish.

Ginger chicken with seasame and spinach

Dinner included ginger chicken with spinach and sesame, salad, and steamed veggies — a combination of Thai and American influence.

Shortbread center
shortbread... now where is Strawberry?

Dessert was two varieties of shortbread, via Scotland. Morag’s roots are African and Scottish, although she is living in America and moving to Canada. I think her bon voyage community dinner reflected her global hopping well.


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  1. I LOVE food pics!!! Nothing motivates me to try a recipe more than good food pics. So, go fix the link to the spicy peanut soup cause I want to try it….

  2. Considering I’m (almost) seriously on diet, your blog and your community dinners will kill me! The food look just…….mmmmmmmmmmmmm………..

  3. The soup and chicken sound wonderful. And, oh my that shortbread–so flaky and fabulous-looking. I want some right now! Looks like it melts in your mouth!

  4. I am the QUEEN of those kinds of appetizers- nuts, cheese, crackers, fruit, Wasa flatbread (love)all pretty on a platter. A lot of nights that is our dinner!

  5. Wow, Kelli you are such a good friend. This looks like such a wonderful and thoughtful see ya’ later dinner.

    I am going to try the shortbread recipes today:)

  6. Oh, yum! My husband would DEVOUR that appetizer platter — I don’t think I’ll show it to him lest he expect the same from me in the near future. ;o)

    You are just too cool, Kelli.


  7. Yum!! OOoo that all looks soo good. I love peanut dishes…like Thai curry with peanut sauce, or Pad Thai. Yum! Sometimes we even just get the peanut sauce and pour it over brown rice…that sounds similar to that delicious looking soup. Slurp.

  8. yummy! i love dates. don’t know nothing about any varieties though. my fav snack is a date and a bit of brie on a melba toast round. there’s nothing finer. except maybe that shortbread, one of my very favorite things…

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