Perfect Combination

A little more than three dollars at Whole Foods

I went to a friend’s house for dinner last night; he’s been attending the community dinners and has said more than once that he loves my chocolate cake and really enjoyed those Brussel sprouts. With that in mind, I headed out to the market to buy a few supplies for my addition to the dinner menu: the ever so popular combination. (What? You didn’t have this for dinner?)

dinner greens
the sprouts of brussels, halved
lemon cubes
cube of sunshine
simmering away

Garlic & Lemon Brussel Sprouts:
Take one pound of Brussel sprouts, wash and half. In a skillet, brown 1 diced onion and 3 cloves of garlic with a dash of olive oil. Add Brussel sprouts and 1 cup of white wine and lemon juice to your liking. Let this simmer for 10-15 minutes. Add a dash of salt and pepper before serving.


As for the cake, I added flax seeds, yogurt and apple sauce in a silly attempt to make a boxed mix healthy. It was still good and those who ate their vegetables enjoyed a nice fat slice.


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  1. You made all that and mini cheesecakes too!? Oh my! I will need to try that brussel sprouts recipe. (Never liked them a kid. Served boiled with butter–blech.) I like how you always use a bundt cake pan too. Looks pretty!

  2. Kelli, I love brussel sprouts and it’s so sad to me that my husband won’t touch them. You’ve reminded me that maybe it’s okay for me to fix those foods I like anyway and just have other stuff for him. So, I’m going to try your recipe.

    Right now I’m on a mashed potatoes kick. That’s what I eat when I’m ill and, right now, I’m very ill. Last night it was plain mashed potatoes, tonight it’s colcannon (Irish dish with boiled cabbage mixed in it) and tomorrow night it’s going to be Shepherd’s Pie. My husband won’t touch any of it except the plain mashed potatoes but I’m fixing it all anyway. Men are too strange for words.

  3. How do you know how much Apple Sauce and yogurt to add?

    They “look” yummy for those so inclined, but I HATE Brussel Sprouts. Though, if I was invited to your house for dinner, I WOULD try one.

  4. Not a fan of brussel sprouts, but my hubby sure does love them. The cake on the other hand, now that I could go for! 🙂

  5. Flax seeds are the best. I grind them up with my “Magic Bullet” and put them in everything, even Jordan’s oh-so-healthful Spaghettios. He’s none the wiser. :o)

    And I’m with Kim…I do not like Brussel Sprouts, but if I were your guest, I would try them and smile the whole time :o)

  6. I just tried brussel sprouts last year and I really liked them! DH doesn’t, but then again he won’t eat any veggie… I need to do the food processor trick to get him to eat those. :o)

  7. Just catching up to posts. You make brussels look good. But I’m not ready to drink the kool-aid on ’em. Flax seeds, I love. Great ground up in smoothies.

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