Perfect Ride

August 26th

Call me a sucker, but lookie what I just bought:

Olive Oil -- the greenest, sweetest ride in town

May I present, Ms. Olive Oil. Aptly named because she is a mean, green, healthy machine. We’ll just call her Olive for short.
Holy guacamole! Isn’t she lovely? Granted, she’s not a Townie and I’m no longer an Electra wannabe. Alas, I rode the Townie and the fit wasn’t right for my height. For $500, you better get a darn perfect ride. I was about to leave REI empty handed — with my Blackberry ringing off the hook with comments reading, “Buy it!” and me laughing, thinking, “I’m trying!” when the cycling stars aligned.

Bikes are freedom -- agreed
Sweet fenders
Lights that are powered by my chevrolegs
Ride me
Built in back rack

With complete resolve I wasn’t going to make a foolish purchase, I was headed out the door when out of no where, my Kryptonite entered the picture. A beautiful man appeared, chatted with me about bikes, triathlons and if I’d considered a commuter bike instead? He had gorgeous eyes and I became exceptionally self-conscious all of a sudden that I was standing there in yoga pants and a sweaty t-shirt. Didn’t seem to matter though. The Novarta was really nice. Had I ridden it? Would I like to?
Yes please.
Nearly two hours and a lot of eye lash batting later, Ms. Olive Oil and I were riding home. Oy vey I should have looked at the price tag. Thank goodness he wasn’t selling cars. I’d be driving home in something I really couldn’t afford. Regardless, I’m thrilled with the purchase. She’s perfect for what I need. I’ll be giving her a fair shot tomorrow for the first time — riding to the gym, to work, to a few appointments and then to a dinner date with friends. I’m bound to be sweaty (it’s still August in Phoenix) but most happy hippies are. It’s a title I’m loving more and more these days.
Thanks for your encouragement!


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36 Responses

  1. ride her in good health!

  2. You know I love green!

    I know you and Olive will get on great. The key, when you are tall like you & I is to make sure she is comfortable to ride, especially for the money.

    Enjoy Hippie Girl!

  3. Sweet ride! She looks perfect.

  4. Glad you found the perfect fit. Love her name. I have trouble with bikes too, but for the opposite reason….too short! Look forward to hearing how you and Olive get along tomorrow.

    And you KNOW I love the hippie girl thing!

  5. Cristina August 26, 2008

    she is beautiful πŸ™‚

  6. So cute! I’m sure you and Olive will be great friends. πŸ™‚

  7. I would call this a wise purchase made by a very wise girl!
    I love the color, the features and her name.
    BTW, I could use your help naming my new bici because you’re so good at it.

  8. What a pity the townie didn’t fit. She was cute. But you’re right for $500.00 it should be a perfect fit. Here’s to a long and happy relationship with Olive.

  9. she’s a buet! well done:)

  10. Tina in Duluth August 27, 2008

    Just think of all your reward points you’ll get next spring!

  11. lol! I first thought she was an avocado not an olive! I think you need to put something red on her for a real pimento look…..It’s a lot of money but don’t feel guilty if you are going to be riding her a lot. It’s an investment……..I miss bike riding! sigh….

  12. What a lovely bike. Definately a great choice gal. Me, I have to use the lower cut cruisers. At 42 (almost 43) my up and over with the legs just don’t quite get it any more. LOL.

  13. Congrats! I love her color and the “bikes are freedom” motto! How many gears does she have?

    Ride her in health and joy!

  14. Love your new bike. Especially the color!

  15. It is nice to meet you Ms. Olive Oil:) What a nice shade of green you are. Please take good care of Ms. Kelli for us!

  16. yay for you Kelli! You’ll sure be riding in style!

  17. Love the green! Happy Riding.

  18. Kel, she is gorgeous… and not just because my favorite color is green πŸ™‚ I bet Miss Olive Oil takes really good care of you.

  19. So awesome! I wish these types of bikes had been popular 15 years ago when I got my Trek mountainbike. I don’t like my position when on a mountain bike, but dangit, it’s still just as good as the day I got it. No excuse for a new one. Maybe in another 6 years or so I can pawn it off on Phi and justify a new bike.
    Love your bike. So appropriate that it is green!

  20. Melanie August 27, 2008

    Olive’s a total babe! Congratulations. I am sure you made a great choice.

  21. Yay, a new bike! Congrats! Did you get a good deal on it?

  22. WOW…that is EXACTLY what I am looking for! I have a cruiser – and love it – but I need something that’s better on distance and hills.

    Olive is very similar to the bike Kev has.

  23. BEAUTIFUL! [I have the fit problem, too – but like another of your commenters, I am too short. I decided on a smaller frame (usually made for teenagers), and am much more comfortable. So glad you found just what you like!]

  24. Hooray! I’m so glad you got something that makes you very happy.

  25. Very nice! I love her.

  26. Oh she is a beauty! Congratulations!

  27. Nice! Glad you found the perfect ride!

  28. She’s so cute! How was your ride in today?

  29. i love it, but what happened to that blue one i saw earlier? bet you can’t wait until tomorrow to give OO her first outing!

  30. Oh my gosh, it’s perfect..Good choice!

  31. Olive is wonderful, and it suits you too!

  32. Love the new ride, she’s purty!

  33. Good luck! May you and Olive Oil spend many a’sweaty days and nights together! By the way, did you at least catch his digits? πŸ™‚

  34. She’s so pretty! Love her “eyes”!

  35. Congrats, happy hippie! She’s pretty! Hope she works out for you!