August 27th


I think tenacious + clever are two of my most favorite adjectives. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to be a little more of each? In complimenting a friend this week, I noted she was both and meant it.  Surrounding ourselves with the right people — those who inspire us to have a better attitude, work a little harder, be a bit happier —  this is one the greatest tasks we face. Balancing this great social mix with a fair amount of personal downtime is the other side of the coin. I need healthy doses of both to have any spark of tenacity or cleverness.

And so, this weekend I am quite happily spending some much needed quiet time with my running shoes, knitting needles, Netflix and thoughts. I hope to disconnect from all things Internet for a chunk of time and in turn reconnect with my spirit.

Wishing you a peaceful break too!


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5 Responses

  1. Looks like a fun piece of knitting — enjoy the rest!

  2. Have a relaxing weekend, you deserve it! And remember, I have a swift and ball winder if you should need it!

  3. My copy of YOUR book arrived today. It’s even more beautiful in person. Someday… you’ll sign it, right?

  4. Hope you had a great weekend! ~D

  5. i sure hope you had a peaceful weekend!