Pick Joy Instead

September flowers

I had a conversation with a coworker the other day that left my face burning with shame. I realized, quite suddenly, how comfortable I’ve become. I was caught complaining about the mundane — tasks I didn’t like. Clients who were too difficult. Other coworkers and their duplicitous ways.

He didn’t bother stopping my rant, but also didn’t fan the flames. Instead, he told me what was on his plate. By comparison, I realized my woes were entirely unimportant. I was creating my own unhappiness.

Sometimes I do this: I manifest problems. I make relationships more difficult than they need to be. I go on a subconscious hunt for something that isn’t acceptable so I can fulfill my juvenile need for drama and conflict. I pick fights.

Don’t ask why; I just have to hope realization is the first step to change. Other than my grandparents’ health, my life has never been better. I’ve got a job I secretly love. It isn’t public health, but it is so challenging I can barely keep up.  I live in a place that takes my breath away when I arrive from the natural beauty. I’m loved by a tiny furry pooch who makes me feel like the best thing since squirrels.

Life is really good.

Today I’m thankful for those tasks, clients and coworkers. The burning embarrassment of realizing I have nothing to complain about. Knowing being comfortable means it’s time to shake things up.


6 Replies to “Pick Joy Instead”

  1. Kelli!!! I so needed to read this post today…I too have been doing the same thing lately. You made me realize that I have to stop looking for the negative, it finds us easy enough. I need to remember the positive and that other folks are probably going through stuff way worse than I. Thank you so much for sharing and giving me my lightbulb moment!

    Love and hugs!

  2. I feel you on this. There is “always” one co-worker I can’t get along with. I try to remember that this drama isn’t necessary, professional, or healthy, but sometimes it’s hard. I completely know the “juvenile” feeling. I’m over 40 and you would think I would learn by now. I think that will be my resolution this year…to learn to live and enjoy and let others be. To grow up a bit and be the wonderful, professional, adult that I usually am – with everyone and now just some people.

    All the best and Happy Thanksgiving!

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