April 10th

Posing Bunny

Sweet bunny butt

What's up Doc?

Best Bunny completed and to be gifted to a couple at church soon expecting their first daughter. Also, the number of homemade bunnies around here lately is a little frightening — but timely, no? Happy Easter, friends!


{P.S. Please do not be distracted by the shiny object that is the Somali pirate story. While entertaining to think of peg legs, parrots and eye patches, those Somali terrorists are shameful — kidnapping the crew of ships full of food and aid for the poor along the African coast. Instead, how about we pray for the thousands in Italy who are suffering. Or Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan,  Zimbabwe… Too bad these countries don’t have pirates. Maybe their suffering would get some press too.}

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14 Responses

  1. He needs a pom pom tail 🙂 Very cute!

  2. Cute bright pink bunny rabbit! Love it. Perfect Easter gift for a new baby. (Ugh…the pirate story is awful. How terrible!)

  3. Great bunny. I agree – she needs a pom-pom. Of course, pom-poms are probably not really baby-proof…

  4. rohanknitter April 10, 2009

    Cute and colorful – perfect for a baby.
    Love the little tag, too.

  5. He’s a darling bunny!

  6. That bunny is fabulous! I’m betting it’ll soon be her favorite snuggly.

  7. ADORABLE! What a cute lil bunny Kelli, great job.

  8. Your bunny is very cute! I made one that I’m planning to give to my youngest cousin at Easter, but I still have the embroidery to do. (I seriously considered just drawing on the face with a Sharpie.)

  9. The buny is just sooo cute. I agree with the pom pom tail…..

  10. that little guy looks like he’s doing a dance! Have a super happy Easter.

  11. Sweet! Love the colors and patterns you picked!

  12. Awww…that turned out SO cute and I love the material that you used! So bright and cheery and girly!!!

  13. Thanks for keeping our thoughts and prayers focused. You are a good soul.

    PS — Where did that amazing print (on the back of your bunny) come from?

  14. Angie in Mexico April 11, 2009

    Cute bunny!! Will be praying for all of those in need. Happy Easter!!