Piecing and the Joys of You Tube

September 22nd

Scrap Pillow

I grew up watching my mom quilt, who made it look easy. Her skills improved rapidly, as did the complexities of her completed projects. I have a left-hand brain. I am left handed and when looking at something spacial, I often have to turn around and literally look at it upside down to have it make sense. Sewing has been an extra challenge; sewing, like many, many other hobbies, is set up for the right handed world. The sewing machine, for example, would be much easier for me if it was turned the opposite direction. (It doesn’t work well that way; I’ve tried.) As are good sewing scissors. Thankfully, cutting mats and rotary cutters don’t discriminate.

Scrap Pillow

So, I make a LOT of simple, silly mistakes in how I see something coming together, rather than how it does come together.

Any other lefties out there feel my pain?

Scrap Pillow

I was thinking of this a lot yesterday when piecing together this scrappy pillow. That and how great it is to have You Tube sewing tutorials. When in a pinch these days, I immediately turn to the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s channel. It is very likely they have the answer to my question, and another simple inspiring idea for me to try.

Scrap Pillow

The next project I’m trying is a scrappy pillow quilted out of triangles. Not flying geese, but smaller right angle triangles. But first, I’ve got to quilt this one and get it stuffed! Who doesn’t love/want a scrappy quilted pillow full of crazy color and love for their living room? Something both righties and lefties can agree on.


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3 Responses

  1. Oh yes! I know the leftie-feeling of crafting! Both in knitting and sewing/quilting. I remember learning to knit from my mother by sitting right in front of her, mirroring her movements – only backward. I’ve been told it looks weird and really fascinating, but to me, it’s what’s right. I’d really like a lefty-sewing machine. But according to a representative from Janome, the market is too small (I don’t know about that..)..

  2. I am left-handed as well and run into the same issues. When trying to learn a new craft I feel that it always takes me a little longer because I have to adjust things to work in my left hand. Ahhh… the joys of left-handies!

  3. Yes! The struggle for left-handed people is real! 🙂 The worst in recent years was trying to learn to crochet. I figured that, having never tried it, I could just as well learn right-handed. So stupid.