Pink and Pearls: Domestic Joy

Apparently I’ve been making a few of you hungry with my recent baking posts. It is too bad y’all don’t live closer because I’d be happy to feed you. I’m often looking for people to feed and the regulars are starting to get grumpy about a wee bit of weight gain. (Like I force feed them?)
So, no more photos of what’s coming out of my oven this week. Instead, I could get on my soap box and lecture about counting calories, getting your daily 5 servings of fruits and veggies and making a point of exercising — if you’d prefer. But really, who would? My dessert philosophy: life is short. Enjoy sweets in moderation and learn to enjoy exercise. Voila, you’ve got balance. I must admit, I rarely eat what I bake, but last night I thoroughly enjoyed a chocolate cupcake left over from this weekend’s festivities. It was divine.

On to other domestic joys — knitting. I’ve got several large knitting projects I’m researching. I’ve got to get the right yarn, take some measurements and I suppose I’m even going to knit a swatch or two. In the meantime, I’ve taken a complete nose dive off the Use What You Have wagon and gone a bit crazy with pretty new art supplies.
Like pink cotton. These baby bibs are inspired by those lovely ladies at Mason-Dixon and their fab new book.

bibs for spring babies

I’ve got a crop of friends having newbies this spring. Who wouldn’t love a little sweetheart bib around their neck when learning to love all things Gerber? Plus, mom will love that she can throw it in the washer and this cotton will bounce back quite a few times.

pretty pink button, 2 ala mama
pretty pink button, ala mama

The buttons came from my mom’s stash — so technically I did use something I/she had.

backtack III fabrics

And speaking of my recent shopping adventures, here’s a before Backtack III photo. I’m turning these black, white and accent colors into a softie for my partner. I loved Mariko’s idea of hosting a BTIII party where others who are participating could come over and swap ideas. Alas, I am apparently the only one in Arizona backtacking this season. I suppose I’ll just throw myself a party. A lazy Sunday afternoon, a pretty pink sundress with pearls, a tall cool glass of pinot grigio and Yo Yo Ma on the radio. My stitches will be as wonky as my smile.


7 Replies to “Pink and Pearls: Domestic Joy”

  1. Dude. I’m already stressing about my BT3 project. I MUST get to the fabric store this weekend and start revving up the inspiration. I am pretty sure mine will include embroidery of some kind. But what will my third color be? Where will all these dumb buttons go? Will my buddy like it? Sigh. I may be too anal for these projects. Nice stash — you’re off to a good start!

  2. Those bibs are just about the sweetest thing. Speaking from experience, I had a couple of droolers that I thought would never stop wearing them, I always wanted cute ones on them.

    I didn’t do BTIII, I’m stressed enough already. Will be fun to watch it unfold though.

  3. Oh dear! Another good-intentioned knitter broken by the lure of mason-dixon and cotton yarn.

    Glad it’s not just me!

    I broke my ‘use what you have’ pact by buying cotton yarn, then peed all over it by spending birthday money W gave me (specifically for yarn) on nearly 4km of yarn for a shawl.

    which i think means i failed to ‘use what i have’ this month. 😉

  4. Ooo, such pretty things! The buttons on those bibs are beautiful. You found such nice things for your back tack project – I managed to finish mine last night. Well, I have a lot going on in the near future, so I had to get a head start 😉

  5. Love the bibs, they are adorable. Where did you find the pink cotton?

    Can’t wait to see what you make with all of those different fabrics, I’m sure it will be so lovely though.

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