August 12th

Julez + Kent

Julez + Kent

Julez + Kent

Julez + Kent

It will come as no surprise that one of my most favorite things to photograph is food. With a new lens in tow on this trip to Washington, I stuck my camera near dozens of plates  to capture what others were about to devour. This was a meal shared with friends at a brewery on Bainbridge Island.

Julez + Kent

I shared this meal and many in the past with Juliann and Kent. I love this photo of Kent for a variety of reasons — namely his wild eyebrows and that he’s two seconds away from one of his characteristic chin-quivering booming laughs.

Port Gamble Wedding

We spend a lot of time together. And a lot of time laughing. These are the types of  friendships I cherish.

Gig Harbor

It’s a sweet life — one in which I crave more time to play.


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  1. LOVE the photos you are taking with your new lens!

  2. Ooh, which lens did you get?

  3. Your pictures are fab!! Came here to show you this

    reminded me of you when I saw it!