Dear Fin,
Guess what? In all my domestic prowess (roar), I realized mid-sewing the March pintuck table runner project that really what I was learning here was how to sew a pleat. Score! You know how many of my skirts hang way too low because I’ve never been sure how to pleat in an inch here and an inch there? Well, guess what? I mastered the pleat this weekend with my entry to the Finny and Donk’s Sewing Adventure.

Side table, before

B.P. Before pintucks. Also, A.C. After cats.

I figured my little kitchen side table needed some sprucing. Now that my casa is happily cat free, my houseplants needed to be repotted. Alas, my cutting of that begonia my great-grandfather gave my great-grandmother when he was courting her? Didn’t make it through the 10 weeks with kitties. Thankfully my Tucson grannie has more of the plant and I can snatch another cutting next time I visit.

Pintucked table runner
Pretty green floral fabric on the back

The other plants were very pleased to see bigger pots, fresh soil and their canvas pintucked table runner. Voila! Now, you get to pick the April project. I’m not going to influence you (place mats) but you know what my kitchen could use (place mats)? I am thinking my community dinners would be that much more fun with a bit of canvas pintucked place mats to rock the table. Canvas because my dinners already look like they are sponsored by Salvation Army. Nothing matches. Might as well try to blend the crazy collection of cloth napkins with something neutral.

Side table, with new table runner
my life-long rubber plant

Looking forward to your selection and browsing that fabulous photo pool to see how everyone else pleated themselves silly.