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September 22nd


Remember that begonia my grandma gave me? The one her father gave her mother when they were dating that some how still exists today? My clipping last six months or so before I managed to nuke it. My mom’s? Now a bush on their patio.

My mom can make just about anything thrive and grow. She’s the type to find a $.75 plant on the clearance rack at the grocery store and turn it into a state fair winning hybrid. Seriously. Her garden is so pretty, especially this time of year. She’s got a dozen different plants blooming, not to mention the variety of houseplants I found her watering and coddling.

She is very nurturing, including the love she shows for The Favorite Child.
Exhibit A:

Dharma quilt

Dharma, the family pooch, has her own wall quilt/hanging. I have to say, it is pretty cute. I love the batiks and the fact my mom added little “D” dog tags.

Dharma, howling

Dharma does a LOT of howling, so this is pretty appropriate.

Mama and her favorite child

And if I haven’t mentioned, my mom is a quilting machine.

A few more quilts just hanging out on a shelf

These are a few of the hundred-plus quilts she just has hanging around their house. She is always working on at least two quilts and now seems to find time to help her girlfriends with their projects too.

One of my favorite quilts

I am not sure what it is about applique, but I love how delicate this quilt is. I’ve admired it for years and have a feeling it is soon coming my way. Yahoo! I had plans of hijacking her serger and canning supplies, but alas — they would not fit in my luggage. Instead I just dropped lots of hints about how nice it would be to have some canning supplies. And a serger.

Subtle, I know.


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14 Responses

  1. I hope someday I have a stack of beautiful quilts in my home! Good luck with the hints!!

  2. that is adorable! such talents!!

  3. Cuteness all around. 🙂

  4. now i know where all your creativity comes from.
    can your mom teach my mom how to keep plants alive?

  5. Your mom has some mad skillz! Lucky! I’ll bet your bed is stacked with gorgeous quilts, eh? My husband’s mom quilts so we have a bunch of them. I’m not always wild about her fabric choices, but they’re great quilts. 🙂 I made just a basic quilt once and it was hard! I’m in awe of people who can make such masterpieces.

  6. Your Mother is a very talented quilter. Beautiful work. Dharmas qwall hanging quilt is just to cute! That is something I would like to learn to do. My grandmother was like your mother when it comes to plants and my David has a green thumb too. I do well, but not outstanding. On our patio we have a jade plant that was started in the 1955 from a cutting from one in my grandmothers yard in San Francisco. This became a huge plant over the years and it has outgoewn it’s pot many times over the years. My parents had this on their patio in the house my brother and I grew up in, moved it to Sonoma with them when they retired there and then moved it again for their front porch in my neighborhopod when they moved here. Now it sits on my patio and it is such a treasure. A few years ago we had a bad freeze and we lost the whole top parts of the plant. It was so huge though that it protected a lot of the lower parts of the plant, thank goodness. It has been growing beautifully ever since.

  7. I see where you get your talents from! Cute dog quilt! ~D

  8. Oh my GOSH! That dog quilt is phenomenal!!! I echo Sunny Inspiration, you definitely “got it from yo mama”.

  9. What a cool quilt! My MIL can make a dead stick grow. It’s amazing.

  10. I see creativity runs in the family:) Your Mom’s quilts are absolutely beautiful. Just a bit of a hint for finding some canning supplies: look on either craigs list or free cycle. If you do this on a regular basis you will definately find miscellaneous items to start you off canning 🙂

  11. Love the Dharma quilt. So cute! WOW your mom is one creative lady! I wish i had the time to make that many quilts. I guess I will when my kids get older.RIght now it’s tough finding time to sew without having them run off with my tape measure, elastic ribbons, and fabric. UGH!

  12. Tina in Duluth September 23, 2008

    Beautiful work! You need to thank her for passing the creativity gene down to you.

    What fabric did she use on Dharma’s nose to make it look wet and shiny? Soooo cute!

  13. Love the dog quilt. Say “Bravo” to your mom, she’s such a talented lady.

  14. I love the photos of your mom’s quilts. She is an artist!