Pooch Pouch, minus the paws

September 15th

Pooch Pouch

Dear Finny,

So, I whipped up a half dozen pooch pouches last night. This project was very simple and I like the idea of dogs and their owners hauling their waste baggies in style. Nothing says American culture like pet accessories — right?

Pooch Pouch

I decided on the bear and forest patterned fabric because I’ll be bringing a few of these with me next week to Colorado, were dogs simply won’t wear gingham. My “nephew” as Cody tells me, will be receiving one. I’m sure Cody will laugh in my face at the idea, but Raja will appreciate the handmade love.

Pooch Pouch

I’d like to try making dog leashes. I think I’m going to add that to my list of crafts to conquer soon. As for the tote bag? Would you believe I own one canvas tote I just got at a refugee conference and it has wonky pockets on the front that are going to make this project quite the challenge. The good news? I’m up for it.


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11 Responses

  1. Great job with the pup pouches; your fabric is cute. I’m working on this project this week, too. I’ve been considering the leash idea as well but that will probably have to wait awhile as my to-do list is a tad too much right now.

  2. Kelli,
    What is the possibility that you would whip up a couple of those pooch pouches for me? I’d pay you for them of course and the shipping. I have 2 pooches in need of something like this and I don’t sew. I LOVE the bear and pine tree fabric….well what with being in a wildlife career and all 😉
    Let me know what you think. I love them!

  3. Kelli,

    Elvis thinks the pouches rock!

  4. Cute cute! I knew you’d get a bunch of these cranked out – you’re crazy like that. Jada definitely needs one of these – at least for her “work outfit” since I feel like she should be packing something for the office rather than me bringing it along with all my other stuff.

    SOON! I will make this SOON!

  5. Excellent. I love a good pet accessory!

  6. Here is a varation…I made one of these for my mom for Xmas and she loves it!


  7. Those are sooo cute! Love the fabric you picked too.

  8. Where do you come up with these ideas!?! That’s fabulous! Great job. Love the idea of dogs in Gingham.

  9. Cute! With the way Eva poops, I’ll take three.

  10. I’m excited to think about Callie carrying her own bag. Now, if she’d just pick up her own mess. Hey, can I velco the full bag to her for the walk home?

  11. Dog leashes are so, so easy. All you need is the toggle thingy for the end from the hardware store, about six to seven feet of 3/4″ to 1″ nylon webbing (check out J aroline Creative for inexpensive bulk webbing) and voila you could have matching leashes in about 10 minutes. Add ribbon trim for the ultimate in matchy goodness.

    Next we’ll have you doing collars… even I don’t do collars!