Praying for a Familial Diaspora

In the last six months my parents have moved to Texas and my brother has moved to Denver. I am suddenly the last member of our very close family living in the desert. I don’t like it. Not one bit.
I’d love to play tough and tell you that this mid-20 something gal doesn’t need her mommy nearby occasionally, but that would be bunk. My mom is one of my best friends, and while we definitely drive each other crazy at times, I really do miss her presence. Same goes for my Papi, who was my swimming buddy. Mostly, I miss our Sunday night family routine of bbq, eating on the patio and watching TV or playing a board game together. On a good week, my brother would be home from college and the Trivial Pursuit would take on a new competitive edge.

But as of yesterday, my lone sibling packed his mini-van to the gills and gleefully hit the highway headed toward the Rockies.

My brother wants to be a showgirl

Perhaps a touch too gleeful for my liking.

dude, i need some munchies

And yet, I don’t think anyone had the heart to tell him that the Rocky Mountain High they sing about perhaps isn’t the one he was hoping for.

cody on the move

I’ll miss you Cody. Do great things in Denver and know I’m rooting for you.

8 Replies to “Praying for a Familial Diaspora”

  1. Um, I think I looked something like that when I left Fargo for Phoenix.

    It is tough being away from family, especially as close as your family is….double whammy!

  2. Colorado is a great place to visit!!! It is also a great place to live!

    How old is your brother? Does he need someone to help him get settled? 🙂

  3. That photo of Cody is hilarious. Don’t worry, Donk — he’ll be ok in CO and it’s not too far to go visit. Plus, it’s harder for him to drive you insane when he’s not living under the same roof. If you get lonely, let Finny know and she and Leeloo will hit the road and come visit.

  4. He looks hilarious in those photos! Typical Code-man, always the goof.
    Gotta love him.

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