Pre-Emptive Strikes

October 16th

Bowling league
Salty Senor works the lanes
The only shoes I'm willing to rent
That's an 8 pound ball

Are you absolutely horrible at hobby you still love? For me, this is bowling. Poor Salty didn’t know what he was getting (or better yet, not getting) when he asked me to play in his bowling league last year. Matt and Rebecca regularly kick my butt, as does the 12-year-old who is often playing the neighboring lane. Last night I came in with a whopping 86, 81 and 111. You should have seen how delighted I was to break 100!
And yet? Still one of the most hilarious activities I have on my social calendar. Getting together with these three for a bit of pre-emptive striking is a trip.


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  1. I’m prone to dropping the ball behind me on the backswing. But yes, so much fun.
    What you need is a kid or two. My score goes waaaaayyyy up when we bowl on the lane with the gutter bumpers “for the kids”. I have a mean bank shot off the bumper. šŸ™‚
    Happy Thursday, Kel!

  2. Bowling is always fun!

  3. Oh, how fun!

  4. I too suck at bowling. But, it can be oh so much fun!

  5. If you call 86 bad, you need to play with me, for then you will feel that you are ready for the pros. šŸ™‚ Do you have glow-bowling in AZ? Because you really haven’t lived till you bowl in black light, with Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” reverberating off the walls.

  6. Those sound like some of my scores..

  7. Oh, I love to bowl and I am soooo bad at it, but your correct—it’s so much fun! I have found that drinking beer out of bottles shaped like bowling pins often improves my score. Enjoy!

    And good luck with the dog fostering, my fingers are crossed for you!

  8. The Fluff October 16, 2008

    Let me know when it’s lazer tag night!

  9. I LOVE bowling, but my scores are a lot like yours. What fun!

  10. We should have a contest to see which one of us is worse. I have to bowl on my knees! The highest I’ve ever gotten is 77.

  11. Does that towel make my butt look big?

  12. I LOVE bowling! And I stink too … I still go though!

    Although I haven’t had the nerve to join a league or anything silly like that šŸ˜‰

    So glad you have something makes you laugh on your calendar each week!

  13. nice shoes. i suck at bowling too. my kids beat me regularly. even the 6 year old. still love it.

  14. we love bowling but we suck at it! Hee hee. it’s fun and we have a good laugh at each other!

  15. Gah, I hardly ever break a 100. LOL But then again I refuse to do that little running up to the line thingy. I just walk up to the line and hurl that ball as hard as I can towards those pins. Go me! šŸ™‚