August 6th

Return of the community dinner!
Return of the community dinner!
Return of the community dinner!
Return of the community dinner!
Return of the community dinner!
Return of the community dinner!

Tomorrow night heralds the return of the community dinner. Any guesses to the menu? While my theme was “Go Team USA!” in Olympic Summer Game spirit, I am not fond of fried chicken and apple pie. Okay, maybe apple pie, but most “American” food isn’t my thing. Mexican food, on the other hand, makes me smile from one ear to the other.
There are 16 so far who may be attending; groceries this time around cost a bit more thanks to a lengthy menu, increased prices and more friends attending; however, cooking at home is still the best deal in town. I am guessing I’ll be able to feed at least 20 people a hearty dinner (including leftovers) for $80. Not too shabby. Feel free to cross your fingers for me that this all comes out as planned.
Oh, and did I mention I own 6 chairs. Ha! A little musical silla never hurt anyone.


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  1. Mmmmmm…… Mexican food definitely does it for me, too!!!

    I’ve never hosted dinner for that many people – I’m sure you’ll be great! Afterwards, I’m sure you’ll be able to give us tips and tricks for entertaining that many people!

  2. I’m sure everything will go smoothly and your guests will be well entertained! No need to cross fingers about you cooking skills!

  3. Tina in Duluth August 7, 2008

    Tomatillos? Tomatillo salsa? It is the best! Can’t wait so see the finished product!

  4. Looks yummy to me! Happy cooking.

  5. How fun, can’t wait to see the photos.

  6. Wow! you have quite the crew tonight! I think everyone should bring $5-that’s quite a deal for a yummy, home-cooked dinner! Looks delicious. Good luck.

  7. Looks yummy. What are you putting the blueberries in? Ha Ha!

  8. BYOC?
    We’re having egg rolls and potstickers friday night as we watch the opening ceremony. Go team usa. And good luck cookin.

  9. ¡Ay amiga, qué rico!
    I see lots of tomatillos. . .
    I’ll be sending you my salsa recipe soon!
    Have a fun night.

  10. Mexican food does it for me and my peeps too:)

    We always are having black bean here too. Slow cook them with lots of cumin and chopped onions. MMMMM good!

  11. I take it the recipes are found in issues of the magazine shown? I would laove to have some of them. Everytjng looks wonderful and David and I are big fans of Mexican food.