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October 3rd

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Today I’m grateful for:

~My family and friends. In particular, I am very thankful for my family’s health. I think with loss, you can’t help but personalize and wonder, “What if that was my mom/sister/best friend?” I often let petty baloney make a mess of my relationship with my mom. In truth, she is the most important woman in my life and I couldn’t love her more. The things we don’t like about each other are the things we don’t like about ourselves. I am so thankful she is my mom, and even more grateful I have time to work on me. I can, and will, be better to her.

~ My faith. There is nothing that gets my head clear, my heart back at the right beat and my soul right like spending time in prayer. This week has provided ample opportunity. I always wonder what atheists think of the Holy Spirit? When I sit in meditation, I can’t help but feel the presence. I wonder if those who don’t believe in a faith feel this and ever wonder? Or if they read this kind of stuff and just roll their eyes. {I’m certain my brother is in that latter category. Hi Cody!}

~ Me time. I’m guilty of regularly overextending myself and giving less than 100% to the myriad of projects on my list. This week I’ve been saying no more often. It feels a bit strange to tell friends and colleagues that I can’t commit, but change is good. I had an invitation last night to attend the symphony. Instead, I curled up with a class of great red wine and my sewing box. I needed a break from debates, financial blabber, fancy clothes, etc. I just wanted to be at home in a t-shirt and sweats, eating a healthy dinner, listening to my iPod and sewing. I am so glad I listened to what I needed. I’m guilty of retreating when I am blue. This week I know I’m going to be hiding more than socializing.

~ This community. You’ve been incredibly supportive this week in particular. Please know how much it means to me. Thank you for your kind comments and email. I am forever thankful for these many friendships!


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  1. Good for you. I have similarly cleared my schedule for the weekend, and I am currently dreaming of “my perfect weekend,” which includes lots of downtime as well as time and space for creativity. We’ll see if I can make it happen.

  2. Is that three frenchy bags in the making!? Good for you for taking some alone/down time! I’ve decided to stay in tonight too and to play catch up this weekend on my goals and projects (plus, spend quality time with my family!) ~D

  3. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and take a break!

  4. Not an atheist, but not a believer in the Holy Spirit either. I believe in the power of nature and love and peace. When I get that feeling, I attribute it to the power of the earth. I enjoy it. Relish it. Believe in it. I just don’t assign it a name. Looks like you’re going to be busy!

  5. I think me time and prayer time are the two things that keep many a busy/exhausted woman sane. I have three kids (all under 4yrs) and use these two times often.

    Love the frenchy bag. I met Amy Butler the other night, and she’s super sweet.

  6. Great bag, wonderful fabrics. They will be a lot of fun to use I am sure.

    Good for you for listening to your own needs, and stopping to take care of yourself. I had ahard tim,e learning to say no. Truthfully, when someome called and wanted me to commit, I would say let me check the calendar, and takle that time to stop and thinnk about it instead of just jumping in and saying yes. Then I would returen to the phone and find I could say no, not this time. It was diffiocult at first on many levels, but it is something I do not feel guilty or bad about anymore. If I don;t take care of me, who will? Enjoy your week with yourself!

  7. A break from debates and financial blabber indeed. I agree. A nice quiet day in the sewing room sounds nice to me too. Love your fabric combos, that frenchy bag looks like fun.

  8. Larissa Stretton October 3, 2008

    Hi Kelli,

    Just wanted to say I was sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. From everything you said, she seemed like she was a beautiful person and you were fortunate to have known her. It’s good that you have realized it’s time to take care of yourself. Enjoy your quiet sewing day, you’ll be all the better for it.


  9. You are so wise to take the time to reflect on what and whom you’re thankful for! I find that when I take the time to do that, I feel like I’ve renewed some happiness within myself. I get a good feeling from that.

    For me too, time in prayer is important. I think prayer works. I find that when I pray about a problem I get the feeling of “getting it off my chest” to God. I also try to add a little “thanks for ______” when I pray as well.

    This school year (for my kids), I started saying no to things I could not commit fully to (or that I’d have to run around like a crazy person to complete). I only say yes when I can make time and my heart is in the right place. I often say, “I’ll get back to ya.” Down time is so important to schedule, too.

    I look forward to your new posts. I always get something from them…interesting or fulfilling or though-provoking or funny…or inspiring!

  10. I’m an atheist, and I must admit that when I hear people talking about prayer I do get frustrated. I was raised in a very Catholic family and came to the atheism through my own thinking and research.

    I find that it’s a far better thing to put faith in myself rather than faith in something else. I have a better measure of my strengths and weaknesses, and because I’m ultimately responsible for my own actions, I think more about the consequences of what I do. There is no-one else to blame or use as a scapegoat when things don’t go well.

    This universe is an amazing and incredible place, and I think that belief in religion ignores and oversimplifies the beauty of it. That Earth is hospitable to life is a phenomenal, freakish thing, and that the amazing diversity of life that has evolved on this planet is just astonishing. I’m constantly amazed at the way life creates itself.

    When religious people blow this life off as a test for the “eternal life” in “paradise” that is apparently to follow, I get internally furious. This is it. This is all we’ve got, so make the most of it. I don’t believe in the soul, I don’t believe in heaven. When we die, our molecules break back down into the earth to feed some other life. And that the fact that life is a series of chemical reactions doesn’t make it any less meaningful. It’s very important to make our own meaning.

    To put my inner geek (well, admittedly, it’s not so inner) on show, there’s a line in an episode of ‘Angel’ that goes something like, “If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.” And that sentiment is something I live by. If my life is essentially meaningless, then the life and meaning I make for myself and others is the most incredible and important thing in the world.

    I’ve had quite a bit of loss occur recently as well. A family member died from motor neurone disease a few weeks ago, and a week later one of my dogs died suddenly. While it may be comforting to think that my aunt and my beautiful, beautiful dog have gone onto a life somewhere else, I just can’t kid myself. I know that they are gone. Finished. Never coming back. And that just makes the time that they had more special, not less.

  11. Sometimes it’s just good to stay at home and “nest”. Recharge your batteries, watch some good movies and just be about “you” for awhile. It’s good for your health.

    Nesting movie for myself —> Casablanca.

    I’m an atheist BUT I believe that the people you love never really leave you. They are always there in memory. They have helped to guide you in life. They may even have helped you to become the person you are right now. The little things they shared with you or taught you, they rubbed off on you. You will always carry them with you.


  12. Family and friends, faith, and me time, are all good things in my book. Enjoy your weekend. The bag is beautiful, so are the fabrics, happy sewing!

  13. glad to hear you are on the mend. i know what you mean about a death so close refocusing your life and what you appreciate. you have been in my prayers. back to the norm now over here.

  14. I often think the same thing and then my mom breaks another hip and I realize that I should appreciate her more. After all, she’s the only mom I have. I’m trying hard to be more patient and remember that you never know what could happen tomorrow!
    The sudden recent death of a new friend in the field of work reminded me that ME time is more important than work time. I’m no good to anyone if I give all of myself to one area of my life. Working on that…. (no pun intended). 😉

  15. Oops. Too quick on the mouse! Good for you for taking the time you need and centering yourself. Women should be taught how to say no – it seems to be a difficult skill to learn! 😉

  16. Life’s ups and downs are so exhausting. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time out after what you’ve been going through. You know what you need, better than anyone. Relish the things that bring you comfort, in all forms physical and spiritual. Blessings on you!

  17. Hi, this is only the second time I’ve come to your blog (through heavenly days blog which I visit more frequently). This post of yours was so beautiful and really touched me, so I had to say thank you for sharing it. I had an “aha” moment when I read “The things we don‚Äôt like about each other are the things we don‚Äôt like about ourselves” – regarding your mom and yourself. Ditto for me and my mother who I love extremely too. You put it into words so perfectly. And I agree with you – NOTHING puts me back straight like prayer and communing with God (however one may choose to do it). It renews me and fills me up like nothing else can. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lots of love and God Bless you!

  18. good for you for knowing what you need and going for it. i am feeling the same way lately… looking forward to some of that quiet time this weekend to sew, listen to music, and spend some time with myself!