Prickly, Soft Olive Barrel Seeks Dark Green Saguaro – No Cats

May 29th

Nora Desert, founder of the So Nora Dating Club, is happy to announce a new crop of ladies interested in finding their soil mates:


Meet Bea. “I love to cook. Bring a good bottle of emulsion and let’s get to know each other.”

Stary Aloe

Trish: “I love to swim, so pack your trunks! You bring the watering can, I’ll have the soil, and let’s see if we can’t figure out how to make it work.”

May want to join the hairclub for men

Rose: “Yes, my parents found the name ironic. No, I’m not sickly sweet. Apply only if you can complete the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. Oh, and I prefer nitrates over phosphates, fyi.”

Wide leaf

Lola: “I like coffee, bookstores and Star Trek. Do you like chess?”

Sea anemone

Marnie: “Ohmygod! This is so fun! We should totally go out for lattes and shoe shopping. You need shoes, right? I mean, your pot is definitely leaning. Not to be rude, but I seriously think we need to go shoe shopping. See you at Lowe’s?”


Valeria: “Habla Espanol?”

Super model of cacti

Pilar: “My favorite days are 100 degrees. I love the soil I’m planted in and can’t imagine a vista better than mine from this patio. If you’d like regular sun, occasional rain and a good solid foundation, apply within.”


Marnie: “Ohmygod. I cannot believe you just said ‘apply within!’ hee hee!”

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9 Responses

  1. LOVE those!

  2. Are you sure you will find someone willing to watering your plants after this??????

  3. Lol! The caption for the phallic image made me chuckle. Such a cute post! (Isn’t the desert beautiful, by the way? I love it.)

  4. You are the weirdest. (but i love you for it.) 🙂

  5. What a hoot, Kelli! Thanks for the laugh, this is ever so clever a post.

  6. lol too funny

  7. Apparently every Rose has its thorn.

  8. Once again, very creative my dear. Your sense of humor is classic. Loved the cacti pics.