March 11th

Work is going so well, but I’m finding I don’t have enough time to get everything done I’d like to accomplish. On the home front, the garden is being watered, the laundry folded, the dishes washed. With ultimate frisbee tonight and a fair amount of gym time peppering my week, I’m tired. I’m off tomorrow to Tucson to help my grandma with my ailing grandfather and great uncle.I hope to spend a fair chunk of my time curled up on the couch with knitting and a journal. There are so many questions about their childhood I’d like to have answered. I figure tomorrow is a great time to visit and give Gram a chance to take some time for herself.

So, a bit of desert beauty to keep spirits high in the meantime. I hope your week is going well!

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties


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11 Responses

  1. Great desert pics! Are you spending the weekend down there? Have a safe trip, and I hope your family members feel better soon.

  2. I’ll put your Grandpa and Uncle in my thoughts and prayers! Have fun with your grandma!

  3. Have a great time, I’m sure your grandparents will love having you there! Tucson’s nice, I don’t really know anyone there so we seldom go.

  4. Enjoy the time with your grandparents and uncle. I was glad to hear that you are going to be spending time asking questions of your grandparents and unlce andwriting down the answers. I had books one for my Dad and one for my Mom that already had the questions and I asked them the questions and wrotes their answers in. they are such treasures to us all now, and I am glad that they will eb around for their great grandchoildren, and so on to learn something about them in their own words. I leave the books out in the downstairs guestroom where family and friends stay when they visit. I have heard they are favorites to read in bed.ANYway, enjoy your time helping and learning Kelli!

  5. Hope you’ll have a great time with your family.

  6. Have a great time with your family. I love visiting my grandma, such special times.

  7. Don’t you just love the desert? It has such soul. Something my eastern roots never noticed there. Enjoy your day in our little? cowtown? Tucson.

  8. It’s amazing how different the vegetation in your area is compared to mine!

  9. Kelli:

    You are so right to bring your journal. Long ago, I gave my grandmother a book where she wrote about her life in answers to the questions given in the book. Once she had senile dementia and eventually passed, I realized what a treasure it was to have her story told by herself. Enjoy your visit and have a safe trip!

  10. Have a great time Kelli–drive safe dear friend! 🙂

  11. Tina in Duluth March 12, 2009

    We gave our Grandmothers books with questions to fill out several years ago. Both did a pretty fair job responding. The book asked questions I never would have thought to ask, so the responses were interesting.

    I know you’ll be a comfort to your Grandmother!