The tomatoes go wild

One of the most fulfilling aspects of gardening is the progress. Remember these 23 baby tomato plants that went in the earth in January?  And then here we were in March where I was shouting, “Oh! A tomato hedge! I have a tomato HEDGE!” Little did I know.

The tomatoes go wild

Then I convinced Matt to build a teepee for the tomatoes, thinking this would help keep things in order. How naive! I really should have read a book for four about tomatoes before spending so much time playing in the garden. I didn’t know about trimming back the bushes to keep the tomatoes off the ground. Or anything about suckers. Instead, after our attempt at wrangling chaos with the teepee, we’ve let things go a bit wild.

The tomatoes go wild

The tomatoes go wild

A month ago, we had our first tomato. She was a big one. An early bloomer. A leader in her field. But little did we know that her delicious flavor would pale in comparison soon enough. The swarms to follow have been earthy, sweet, lush and the scent of freshly picked tomatoes cannot be beat. Just being near the tomato plants this time of year makes me want to dance in circles. I feel like a cross between Julie Andrews and a wild hippie when doing so.

The tomatoes go wild

Wild, I tell you. Today, the hedge has grown up to the front door and I’ve got tomatoes — homegrown, organic, lovely sweet delicious OH MY GOD THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE tomatoes — coming out of my ears. Now, remind me again why I didn’t start gardening 10 years ago? The best part of this tiny little garden is that I know without a doubt that if I can reap this bounty of a harvest from “borrowed’ HOA land in a condo complex in Phoenix, Arizona — you can grow a farm’s worth by comparison. (I’m making two assumptions there: 1. you have more than 3×4 feet of land to your name. And 2. You don’t live in an oven. With caliche soil.)

The tomatoes go wild

This mighty progress is translating to canned tomatoes this weekend. I’m also having friends over for homemade pizza too. My thanks, again, to Finny for inspiring me to take on new hobbies that seem so Herculean, but end up so deliciously fun. (See: knitting, sewing, canning, swearing.)


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  1. Mmm. Lovely Tomatoes!!!!! I miss them–you know, the real kind that don’t taste like ROCKS! Hee hee. Congratulations on your prolific, homegrown tomato hedge!! Kelli…by the way, question for you…do you think you could do a tutorial post on canning? It puts the fear of Hades in me, with the big scary pressure cooker an’ all but I want to learn. Whaddaya think?
    Big Hugs and hope you are having a great Friday! And thanks for the smiles earlier this week, AmazinGal-XO

  2. Wow those look amazing! My tomatoes are just starting to drop their first flowers and I saw my first tiny tomato growing yesterday. I cant wait for a pile of juicy tomatoes!

  3. I agree with Kat that I would love to have you do a tutorial on canning! I know how to use my pressure cooker but I haven’t done any canning in it yet – mostly just potatoes and carrots. Your tomatoes look so awesome!! Great job!

  4. Those tomatoes would be lovely as part of a BLT. Or made into salsa (have any jalapeños?). Or just eaten like an apple. Yum.

    But really, you find swearing to be a Herculean task? Humph.

  5. Wow!!! You sure have a lot of tomatoes! I can’t wait for my first tomato of the summer…I always have a tomato sandwich with a tomato warm from the sun. Have fun canning. One year my friends and I had an abundance of tomatoes, so we got together and made salsa and canned the salsa. Everyone liked it so much and it made great Chrismas gifts. I remember my grandmother canning stewed tomatoes, sauce and tomato juice and it was such a treat to have that summer taste all winter long. Enjoy!

  6. Beautiful tomatoes! Any signs of those nasty tomato bugs? My grandma used to make me squash those when I found them. It made gardening seem so murderous. 🙂 Enjoy the fresh, nothing-tastes-as-good, fruits of your labors.

  7. Ya’ll have such an early growing season! Even compared to Houston. Lush! I love they are spilling over. Looking forward to seeing the canning (tutorial hint):)

  8. I just have to tell you, Kelli. I came across a mixed CD you sent me back in 2007 the other day. I’ve been listening to it in my car and it has put me in the best mood!! Just goes to show, good deeds can be appreciated long after the actual deed itself.

    You’re awesome!!

  9. Awesome! I knew they’d be coming out your ears when I saw how beautiful they were in early April. You’ll have to add a new room to store all your bounty.

    I’m craving fried green tomatoes right now.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  10. Whoa!!!! I have just two little tomato plants at the moment, but now that I’ve seen your bounty I might plant a couple more. 🙂

  11. The desert is ALIIIIIIIIVE…. with the taste of TOMAAAATOOOOOOOES.
    Yum! I can’t wait to hear how your canning goes. It’s not as hard as you think. =)

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