Pumpkin Ravioli and Pistachio Sugar Cookies

My all-call for pumpkin recipes and Fall customs rang true to many of you. Have you seen the lovely pumpkins Catrina painted? Or the beautiful topiaries Autum created for her dreamy porch? (Yes, I guess I’m officially old. I just called a porch dreamy.) Everyone in this hemisphere seems to truly be on the Fall train, with the next stop being Pumpkinland. For my Aussie and South American friends, we are envious of you celebrating Spring!

Today’s recipe, from my favorite penpal Shelley, comes from Italy. Pumpkin ravioli. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I mastered a homemade ravioli recipe in college, but would stuff them with mushrooms and pesto. This sounds much more seasonal and healthy — although if you cover it in a cream or butter sauce you’re doomed nutritionally.

If I were going to make pumpkin ravioli tonight, I’d serve it without sauce and instead add just the lightest drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and pepper. I’d complement it with a spinach (e-coli free, mind you) salad, with cherry tomatoes and pears.

Tonight I begin my latest foray into the crazy world of team sports. A friend has long played on Ultimate Frisbee leagues. After two seasons of pushy men on co-ed softball teams, I decided a new sport was in order. (There are only so many times I’ll allow a man I’ve just met to boss me around on the field and cover my position when he thinks I can’t do it. Men who cannot control their competitive edge in co-ed sports are such a turn off. Let the girls play already!)
So, frisbee starts tonight. In the recent practices, I’ve run around like a sweaty idiot without a clue, but had fun. My team’s color is pistachio and we should be getting our shirts tonight before the game. What to do when you know no one on a new team sport? Bribe them with sweets, of course. I’m whipping up a batch of pistachio sugar cookies after work to bring to the field. I’ll win them over with my baked goods far faster than my athletic prowess. The pistachio sugar cookie recipe is fairly simple: take your favorite sugar cookie recipe and add one package of pistachio instant pudding to the mix. Bake accordingly and serve with a sprinkle of sugar on top. Photos tomorrow, perhaps even of my continued attempts to play frisbee without looking like a golden retriever, tongue wagging and all.


11 Replies to “Pumpkin Ravioli and Pistachio Sugar Cookies”

  1. You think I’d know better by now not to read your blog right before lunch!

    I. AM. Staaaaaaarrrving!!!!!!

    I love all squashy/pumpkiny things EXCEPT punkin’ pie. Isn’t that weird? That pumpkin ravioli sounds scrumptious. And I don’t like cookies (or sweets in general) all that much but I can eat the hell out of some pistachios…..YUMMMMMMM!

  2. I love pumpkin! Do you have the recipe for aussie pumpkin scones? If not, let me know and I´ll send it to you. Here in Austria we also make pumpkin marmalade and pumpkin chutney.

  3. Ultimate frisbee?! Kick ass! I sorta miss my team sports – that sounds like fun. Ooh, and good catch on the pumpkin topiaries! I bet I could put together a couple of these for my porch. Except that Hubby might commit holiday suicide what with all the decorations. Oh, and that porch is dreamy. I mean, she does HAVE rocking chairs on it and all.

  4. Pumpkin ravioli sounds intreguing. I look forward to hearing how it goes. I am not a big pumpkin/squash fan and am looking for good recipes since we have an abundance of the things around here. Let us know what you think.

  5. What? I was asking for truly american recipes for my Halloween Party, and first of all you propose an italian recipe? And you even did more, a dish that’s typical of my city too, Parma! I grown up with pumpkin “tortelli”! The best in town? My mother-in-law’s, absolutely!

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