Puppy Dog Blanket

I have this delightful thrift store by my house; it has to be one of the best little shops I’ve ever found. The other day I needed a pie plate. I also left with a pewter serving dish, a glass butter dish, and a handful of vintage linens. I have long said I don’t collect things. And apparently I’ve long been a liar. Vintage embroidered linens? I don’t care if I already have boxes full. I love them. Setting a table with old handmade tablecloths and cloth napkins makes me dizzy with happiness. Even better if I know I’ve rescued someone’s handiwork (my GOD the time it must take to create some of those embroidered pieces) to display in my home. Recycling at it’s very best.

Puppy Dog Blanket

Or, apparently — to turn into a dog blanket. Some friends in Phoenix recently adopted a new pup. I know one of the issues I continue to deal with after adopting Willie Nelson Mandela is his separation anxiety. I’ve read pound pups in particular suffer from the panic of being left for good again. And again. And oh look, I’m just stepping outside for a second and yet Nelson is again making that weird yippy noise like he’s never going to see me again.

Puppy Dog Blanket

What does this have to do with old rescued linens? I found this cute vintage handtowel at the thrift store this weekend. It was in a stack of other pieces of fabric I picked up. Knowing I wanted to put together a small care package for my friends’ dog, I pulled out this piece for the backing of a puppy blanket. The idea is the dog sleeps with this, or has it on his/her bed when you are home. But if you are preparing for a trip, the owners sleep with it for a couple days. The blanket then stays with the dog when they are away, but their smell stays with the dog — providing a bit of comfort to our otherwise anxious pups.

Puppy Dog Blanket

No idea if it works, but I do know that a bit of handmade blanket love, with a splash of super soft fleece, never hurt anyone.


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  1. Love this post, the thought, and the idea, Kelli. Numerous times, I’ve brought myself to tears with the “what must they think?!” line of “what if?” when we go on a trip. Both of our furkids are rescues and it breaks my heart Every. Time.
    This idea might help it break just a little less painfully,
    Thank you friend! I hope you are well!

  2. And this is exactly how I now have two rescue pups – I adopted Riley when my dear Spike was in his last months of life and when Spike died – Riley was heart broken. Riley would run out of the house whenever the door opened – even if we were coming IN the door! He needed to find Spike – he saw him leave and wanted to find him! He had a horrible howl of despair when we left each time.
    And then I found his adopted brother – Ziggy. Riley has never tried to run out of the house again. He needed a pack mate – he needed a furry brother – someone to run with… he lubs hiz brudder.
    We always have our old BATHROBES in their crate… sad but true. It is so comfy in there (they use it with the door open) that they sometimes have to sleep next to one of the cats who take over one of the poofy soft spots – ha ha.

    We also – just bought a motorhome – partly – so the animals can travel with us. Oh dear… 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 humans… eek! Maybe you could make ME a handmade blanket love, with a splash of super soft fleece – so I could rest easy when I leave the house =) I have separation anxiety apparently!

    Love the blanket! Another happy rescue animal for sure!

  3. How nice! I have a thrift store right down the street from my work and I go there at least once a week but usually more. (today even lol) It’s a great little stress re-leaver 🙂 And I always find fabric and patterns there super cheap.

  4. I have a sickness when it is in regards to vintage linens. I cannot stop myself! Tea towels, table cloths, bed sheets, pillow cases – GAH! And yet, I never use them, which is stupid. I have a stash that’s going to be turned into something someday (aprons? market bags?…??) but I did just make a dress for Dahlia out of an old bed sheet – and the Winnie the Pooh valance is going to get the same treatment soon!

    You are very sweet to make a care package for the doggie. Maybe he & Nelson could be pen pals? Or Paw Pals??

  5. You are such a sweetheart! Making a care package for your friend’s pup is a wonderful, thoughtful idea. Harry, our pound puppy also suffers from separation anxiety. He gets that sad puppy look when we leave and just about turns himself inside out when we get home! We’re considering adding another canine to our crew.

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