Big Mama was in town last week. And because I am the spoiled only daughter, she brought me a beautiful new quilt:

New quilt

One of the many talents I wish my mother had passed along is her patience. She has patience for her patience. Her quilts take so much precision and time, and yet she’s like a machine. You wouldn’t believe how many of these she makes each year.

New quilt

Spring colors and I don’t care — it’s on my bed. And it looks gorgeous with the other shabby chic elements of my bedroom. Look at that quilting! Those swirlies are just so perfect!

New quilt

Pretty, right? I am so lucky.

New quilt

Of course it came with a Nelson tag. Thanks Big Mama!*



*Yeah. I’m not terribly fond of that nickname either, but she’s certain she’ll never be called “grandma.” So she’s trying this one out, hoping we’ll get used to it by the time little ones show up. I think my brother and I are playing along for the time being because it is simply so ridiculous. It’s also pretty funny to be at the market and call out, “Hey Big Mama, you want some coffee?”

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  1. Oh my, that second picture, with the swirlies? Takes my breath away! This gives me courage — I have a box that I brought home from my Mom’s place. In it is the afghan for Maceo that she was one-third of the way through when she passed away. She must have known it was coming because all “same squares” are neatly packaged in plastic to keep them clean, and a bunch of centers that she started are stacked on a knitting needle to keep them together. The balls of yarn are all stored in the box in order too. And the hooks, darning needle and scissors she was using are all in a little zippered pouch. I think she knew I’d be finishing it. Now I just need to learn to crochet again — and hopefully I can do her proud.

  2. I’d love to know what the quilt count is up to now – any idea? As always, stunningly beautiful. I so admire her attention to detail.

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