Nogales outreach

I spent Saturday working in Nogales, Arizona. It has a variety of economic and health issues — none unique to this border town. Nogales, Sonora — just across the imaginary line — is regularly plagued with disease that you rarely hear of in the US. Cholera, scurvy, malnutrition, etc.

When it rains, the poor drainage mixed with houses that have been built on top of each other, cause a catastrophe. The top soil has eroded. The water table is corrupt. A healthy existence is not easily found in a town where 500,000 push against a wall, waiting for their turn to cross.

Nogales outreach

With a group of volunteers, I helped in a medical clinic. I served as translator and quickly realized my Spanish skills are rusty at best. I need to find a Spanish podcast to regularly listen to and get back to a conversation group.


Nogales outreach

That said, there is something about this sort of work that makes me feel at peace. I hold hands, I listen intently and I truly love trying to figure out how we can help others. It hasn’t always been this way, but I am so glad it’s where I’ve arrived.

“The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something
that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile. I think of my
strawberry souffle. I did that at least twenty-eight times before I
finally conquered it.”
–Julia Child


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  1. Christ has no body now on earth but yours,

    no hands but yours,

    no feet but yours,

    yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion

    is to look out to the earth,

    yours are the feet by which He is to go about doing good

    and yours are the hands by which He is to bless us now.

    St Teresa of Avila

    One of our family’s favorite quotes by one of our favorite mytics. Bless you and all who reach out to those less fortunate.

  2. My fav. podcasts: News in Slow Spanish and and Learn Spanish-Survival Guide. The first is great to hear Spanish, the second is great to brush up on conversational Spanish.

  3. (Trying this again…) Aww Kelli you know that’s close to my heart!! Our translators help so much – I don’t know how we would do it without them. Every year I say I will learn more Spanish (Note to self: GET PODCAST NOW.) but I never manage to get it done. How wonderful – great work my friend!! (Quick side story: A nurse who did not know any Spanish thought she had learned the word for good during our trip so she started saying PENE to a woman as she took her blood pressure. She could not figure out why the woman had such a horrified look on her face until the translator later told her she was saying Penis! That one provided a lot of laughs! ;))

  4. just curious – ever think about being a nurse? you’d be awesome.
    (ps. or a doc. but personally, i’m partial to nurses)

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