January 11th

“Talk doesn’t cook rice.”
–Chinese Proverb

january 013

Don’t mind the saggy butt on this bag; it doesn’t look like it when it is full of baby supplies. This contemporary take on a baby bag is in the post, heading to Robin. I “met” Robin and her husband via Salty Senor once upon a time. Robin and Jim have two little girls — Amalea and Maya. They are the epitome of a sweet, young family. I love reading both of their blogs and rooting for their success.

january 015

january 016

I’d been promising Robin this bag for too long and am glad it’s finished. I am loving all things orange right now.

january 018

{How great is that duck fabric? I fell in love with it once I saw it peeking out of the remnant basket at the fabric store. Quack!}

january 022

The last few weeks have been peacefully busy — productive without stress. I’ve been sewing, gardening, cooking, reading, watching (Mad Men), running, hiking, bowling and spending quite a bit of quality time with friends. I have also been trying to eat more “whole” foods and cut out the junk. You wouldn’t have known this if you saw me at the bowling alley, per se, but change comes in baby steps.

january 024

In an attempt to actually cook that metaphoric rice instead of just talking about it, I roasted carrots this weekend for the first time. Roasting veggies for soup seems to be the new fad at my house lately. I grab whatever looks good at the market, throw it on a cookie sheet with some olive oil and an hour later scoop it into a blender before adding some stock.

january 026

This week’s bright green soup has roughly 10,000 times your daily dose of goodness in each scoop. Of course, I made way too much and will be eating it for a couple days — but there are worse problems to have. My magic touch with these soups is to add gobs of cayenne. It is so spicy, I can’t help but want more. Perhaps this will fuel a few more healthy changes.

Hope your 2010 is off to an equally happy start!


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8 Responses

  1. Lovely orange bag! (One day when I have kids I’m coming to you to order a baby bag!)

  2. You know I’m a fan of yours, but I especially love this post !
    There’s something about it that feels…so bright (for lack of a better word, really)!
    You soup looks yummy (and inspired me to do one myself, carrots, onions and peppers will be roasting in a very short while πŸ˜‰ I might through in leeches and a potatoe in for good measure) and your bag so sweet. Love the color and print.
    Maybe you can tell, but I’m swooning over here.
    Thanks for the happy feeling,
    a lot of happy for you too !

  3. The tote is so bright and cheery!

    Soup looks yummy. I am hoping to make some soup tonight – I think it is the winter weather that makes me crave soup. Soup is just warm and cozy – and make leftovers. I love leftovers πŸ™‚

  4. Oh yum! What’s in that soup to make it green? Nom!

    I’ve been doing the same exact thing! Last weekend I roasted some tomatoes and cauliflower before blending it into a soup. I didn’t even need stock because the tomatoes were so juicy. It was like creamy tomato soup without the cream. I hear you on the cayenne thing! I added that to mine as well. And a whole head of roasted garlic. Ooooooh yeah….

  5. I keep meaning to steal your roasted veggie soup idea. It looks delish. (Although I’m a bit concerned about this week’s “green monster.” Peas?)

  6. Love the orange. Really, that lattice like pattern is great. So sophisticated on the outside, whimsical on the inside. (Exactly what my friends say about me. Joke joke.)

  7. WOOHOOOOOO. You are simply incredible for doing this. I cannot wait to use it. I am blessed, humbled, and thoroughly excited.

  8. that is a sweet bag! Did you come up with that yourself or follow some kind of a tute?