Que Viva La Frida!

January 8th

Frida stamp, portrait

A friend emailed me the other day about a Frida Kahlo-inspired class taking place at the Mesa Art Center in January. I rounded up some girlfriends, headed out for Mexican food and off to the center we went to play with watercolors, stamps, construction paper and embossing guns. The class, which was subsidized by Target (how I love thee Tarjay, let me count thy ways), cost just $1! It normally costs $30, but thanks to Target and all those community dollars they spend, we got to make 5 cards for a buck. Plus, the awesome instructor told us there were extras and if we had enough time to make more — so I made 10.

Frida card making station

One of my favorite memories of the day was when I sat next to Paul, a 60ish gentleman who was obviously out of place. He first asked me who this “Furda” person was and I told him about Freee-duh. I explained the Mexican artist holds a bit of a spell over many women.

frida collage card
card idea -- embroidery thread to hold in paper

I’d never seen this technique before. The card’s inside paper is attached with embroidery thread woven through two small holes.

We admire her intelligence, curiosity, creativity, passion, strength and ability not to kill the great love of her life, who ended up sleeping with her sister. I wanted to say, “Haven’t you at least seen the movie? Yes, Salma has a mustache, but wowie. She is gorgeous regardless.” By the end of the afternoon, Paul and I had bonded over rubber stamping and Mexican artists. I nearly had him hating Diego Rivera too.

embossed in turquoise

I learned a new technique on this one too — masking. You cut out an exact replica of your major stamp (Frida) and then place it over the original image so you can stamp a background stamp perfectly around her. Then you remove the mask and voila — background without marring your original image. You can’t tell, but she is embossed and sparkly — perfect just as Frida should be.
No word yet on the February $1 Target class, but you’d better bet my crafty, frugal self will be signed up pronto.


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25 Responses

  1. What fun! I wish I could’ve been there too!

  2. Lovely! Thanks for the new techniques ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What a wonderful event. I will keep my eyes peeled for those Target family workshops. How fabulous!

  4. Nice way to spend an afternoon! And I like the results, too.

  5. Those are lovely cards!
    And $1 classes… wow!

  6. those are super! I’m so envious of folks with access to cool and fun classes like this!

  7. Your cards are gorgeous!!!!!!

    And I am so envious of the $1 Target class! Seriously, I don’t care what it was – I’d sign up for pretty much anything for $1…

  8. Kelli! First off, I love your blog (both here and over at the vox site). It’s rad how blogs can bring about a sense of community- even if you haven’t met in person! I am glad that Adam (one of my oldest friends) brought us into the fold. Anyways, I just added you to my new and improved blogroll and website- you can find it at rongp.blogspot.com Looking forward to hearing about your adventuras in 2008!

  9. Wow, that looks so fun! Great cards!
    Hey, I also wanted to tell you that I’ve tried to reply to every comment you’ve ever left for me, but every single time I get it returned with a “mail delivery subsystem” message. Sorry to junk up your comments with this issue, but I wanted you to know that my email appears to be blocked or something.

  10. Groovy card work! I like the embroidery thread trick – may have to try that one. I look forward to seeing these cards in action ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Lovely entry indeed.

  12. Wow! Those are so cool. Where’s our Frida class, Target? Huh?!

    One of my to-dos is making some stationery — for real, this year! — so thanks for the extra inspiration and techniques.

  13. Kelli, these are incredible! Thanks for schoolin’ Paul, too!

  14. how cool! i wonder if anything similar is offered in my neck of the woods.

  15. This is really groovy. I’ve never seen the Target near me do anything like that. Then again, every time I go in they’re mobbed, so maybe they don’t feel like they need to. I went there to try to get a cheapie bike for my “commute to work” resolution and couldn’t ride half way down an aisle before being overrun. Back to Craigslist, I guess.

  16. How awesome, Kelli! Frida is wonderful and Diego was not at all a nice person (I would use a different word for him but I don’t want people to also think I’m not nice).

    I love the techniques you used and your subsequent results. I did not know about the Target-sponsored classes and will try to find out if they have any here in Tucson.

  17. Oh, man! I have to check out our Target!

  18. One more reason why we should have Target up here!

  19. That. is. so. cool!! I love the story…and I love the cards. I want to take this class so i can mail people my awesome Frida cards! I use cards as “art” pretty often…propping them up and tacking them around my apartment, these are great. I esp. like the one with the butterfly. She was (is) such a soul.

  20. So funny! Diego Rivera was a jerk!

    Love my cards too.

  21. Wow Kelli, I’d have signed up in a flash! Love your results.

  22. I had so much fun! Thank you.

  23. Great cards! And what a great thing for Target to do. I am going to have to see if our local Target has anything like that going on. Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Amo la Frida tambien!! (i think that’s right?) She IS totally amazing. Looks like a great class.

  25. sure, we all want so frida, but have to live vicariously through you!