Race in Photos

October 29th

My friend Amanda was out at the race from 6 am to 4 pm, rooting me on at every turn and taking some fantastic photos. She really captured the day:

pre-race prayer
No wetsuit -- no problem
Off for the bike
my neck and back hurt after 56 miles
1800 bikes and gear
half-way through the run
finish line in sight
woo hoo
saving this medal forever

And the celebratory margarita:

Celebratory post-race margarita

And that is the last tri post for a while, I promise. Thank you again for all your kind words. Soon we will return to our previously scheduled crafting/cooking/political ranting.


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  1. Great photos, Kel. Thanks for sharing and congrats again.

  2. Aren’t you the cutest, powder-blue thing! You look so fresh!

    Looks like a big race – huge transition area. YOU may be tired of it, I want details! How was the course? What was the best leg? Did you really change under a towel? What did you eat? Um, and it looks like everybody else was in a wetsuit – how cold was the water?

  3. THAT IS F’IN AWESOME!!! I could totally feel the anxiety, excitement and adrenaline in those pictures – you must have been ready to burst going into the water.

    A million congrats on the 1/2 Ironman – that is incredible and I’m way ultra proud of you and want to hug you at this very moment because you are so awesome.

    And I loved LOVED the text yesterday – you ROCKED it, baby! How many people can really say that – “I rocked a 1/2 ironman”? Not a lot, that’s for sure.


  4. Gosh, that girl standing behind you looks like a girl I knew many years ago: Vicki Peters–except she’d be 56, like me! Congrats again to the winner, and to the photographer. Great shots!

  5. I’m lovin’ your coodinating outfits.

    Congratulations, that’s quite a feat you accomplished.

  6. Congrats!

  7. whoo-hoo!!! you are totally awesome. i love the photo of you waiting to swim–so africankelli with the punch of teal in a sea of gray bodysuits.

    go kelli!

  8. πŸ™‚ I loved how whenever I saw you, you were STILL smiling.

  9. I love the one of you at the finish line. I’m practically crying.

  10. Congrats, Kelli! What an amazing accomplishment!!

  11. FYI for the audience, Kelli was one of only THREE people in the entire swim without a wetsuit.

  12. Great job, Champ!

  13. What great pictures! You make it look like it was so easy. (altho I sure know it’s not)
    So how come all the wetsuits? Was the water super cold?

  14. You rock! No wetsuit?? Beautiful and inspiring photos.

  15. Congrats Kelly! You should be quite proud!

  16. Thanks for sharing these – you’re my idol!

  17. you look so happy & healthy! i’m so proud of you & inspired by you.

  18. Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment! I can’t believe you were still awake enough after the half iron and the margarita to pose for a picture. I was passed out two hours after my sprint tri last year. Go you!

  19. Congratulations! You must feel SO happy at what you’ve accomplished!!

  20. Congrats! : )

  21. Well done, girl.
    Isn’t it great to fulfill one’s plan and dream!
    You are radiating joy being on the trip you were working at for so long.
    Hello from Hamburg

  22. really? the last one for awhile? oh, i’m going to miss these posts! i’ve loved reading about your training, and i’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the report. it looks like all that training was put to good use…you hardly look like you broke a sweat! huzzah!

  23. Congratulations Kelli, Go Girl! What a lovely friend to take the photos for you. I agree, she really captured your day for you. Captured all your blood sweat and tears…. Maybe not the tears. or tears of joy that it was over.?

  24. Great photos! You should be very proud of your accomplishment! Very inspiring!

  25. I love the one of you waiting to swim, and the fact that your outfits all coordinated : )
    I was impressed before but the photos are really making me go WOW!

  26. Wow look at you go!! And look how you have energy to smile so brightly in every photo!

  27. Great job Kelli! What an awesome accomplishment.

  28. Wow, wow, wow! You look so happy and healthy and STYLISH in these photos! Great job (again)!!!

  29. YEAH FOR YOU KELLI!!!! All that and you looked amazing too!! If you weren’t so sweet, I’d hate you!! You’d never catch me lookin’ that gorgeous through all that stuff!! I’d have been all red and blotchy–after the paramedics carried me away on a stretcher two steps from the start line!! YOU GO GIRL! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! EXCELLENT Work!

  30. You are my new hero Kelli! Brava! You must feel great at that accomplishment.

  31. well done! and with your own cheersquad you didn’t have to resort to wearing your name across the front of you like me! πŸ™‚ congrats

  32. You, my dahlin, are beautiful! So glad you got those great pictures of the tri!!! I love the 2nd one, your face has so much emotion in it!!

  33. The photos are great and reveal the beauty of one special person. Congratulations, Kelli.

  34. patricia October 29, 2007

    CONGRATS, Kelli! So inspired by your accomplishment! πŸ™‚

  35. You ROCK girlfriend!

  36. those are so awesome!! i am so proud of you dear friend!

  37. Sarah HB October 29, 2007

    I have enjoyed all of your posts!

    Congrats for finishing!!

    I am so proud of you.

  38. Wonderful pictures, Kelli–it was so sweet of Amanda to document your race this way. I am so happy for this big success for you!

  39. Wow, after all of that you still have a smile on your face!

  40. sharon in sugar land October 29, 2007

    How did you get into that water without a wet suit. Congrats. to you. By the way, torq. is your color.

  41. You are a super star!! Great photos.

  42. I love the fact that you were always smiling! That’s tell us how much you did enjoy being there, righ? Thanks for sharing your experience with us and thanks Amanda for the chronicle. And don’t worry, reading your training step by step was like sweating along with you………..well, sort of.

  43. I love the posts on your training! Keep up the awesome work! CONGRATS!

  44. What a fantastic accomplishment…really. I’m in awe of your training schedule and the discipline it took this past year. That big ol grin you had in all of those photos says a lot.

  45. You are one buff, hot chick. And why do I have a feeling that you were the most color-coordinated, stylin’ one out there?

  46. wow! it was almost like i was there.

  47. Hurray for Amanda for capturing the moments! It’s awesome to see you in action and it looks like you did an awesome job and had fun in the process!

    Also glad to see that you celebrated your victory! You deserve to be celebrating all month long. πŸ™‚

  48. FANTASTIC! πŸ™‚ and you’re smiling in every shot! That is unbelievable and I’m so dang proud of you I cant stand it. What an awesome accomplishment. If you’re not a Renaissance woman, I don’t know who is! πŸ™‚ Whohoo!

  49. Great job #206!!! You look awesome! The pictures are all wonderful.

  50. Congrats! You look great!

  51. You are amazing–hard working, focused and dedicated!Congratulations!!! I think it’s pretty obvious from your photos that you were feeling ALL the love from your supporters! What a fortunate girl. πŸ™‚

  52. Girl, you rock! If only those people could have heard all the “Good luck!” and “Way to go!” shouts from your Internet peeps…that would have really knocked them out.

    Rest, relax and enjoy that margarita- you deserve it!

  53. Awesome. Congratulations. So. a few days later still thinking of Tempe 2009?

  54. This is so awesome! Congratulations – you rock!

  55. So proud. So, so proud. You earned that margarita, and how sweet was it?!

  56. oh kelli… i am catching up here… can’t believe i missed the triathalon!! well, a very huge and belated congratulations to you!! i am so proud of you. you are an inspiration in so many ways and it is wonderful to hear about this accomplishment!! enjoy that margarita πŸ™‚

  57. ali la loca October 31, 2007

    Good job, girl!!!


  58. wow! Isn’t it wonderful to be healthy!!!!
    I admire your tenacity to reach this goal!
    CONGRATS! again, this is a great accomplishment and you have worked so hard for it too!!!!

  59. Congratulations, Kelli! I’m so impressed (but not surprised) with your achievement. Rest, relax, and recouperate, and bask in the glow of your accomplishment.

  60. Congratulations!!! I’m impressed how fast you were and how good you look on the finish line! You can be very proud about yourself.


  61. Congratulations Kelli!

  62. Wow, that looks like a great race. I love the photo of the transition area. Congrats – you deserve that margarita!

  63. Congratulations… love the smiles all the way through. As they say in Australia, “good on ya!”