Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

January 19th

Both Rachael and Ari asked me to share six strange things about myself in their meme. I enjoyed Ash’s post earlier this week where she she shared a handful of odd truths and one lie, having readers guess which was which. Alas, I guessed wrong. (Who’d have thought she’d considered being a phone sex operator! The girl’s got guts. She is African after all.)

In lieu of the strange, I’m sharing six of my favorite things. Some of you very well may find these strange.

morning routine

Time in the morning for reading, journaling and gathering my thoughts at the bagel shop. Multigrain, double toasted with pb on the side, and a tall cup of English Breakfast tea: the day can’t start much better.

brain candy

New magazines. I’m a magazine junkie. I read 5 a month, I’d guess. The Cottage Living came as a gift from Raesha. Thank you again!

joy of baking

Baking anything. These chocolate chip cookies came out flat, but were thoroughly enjoyed this morning by the bagel boys.

my garden

The three plants I haven’t managed to kill. The Ikea bamboo is easy enough. The begonia from my grandmother is hanging in and the rubber tree plant I’ve had for years. They seem to like the light from their perch on this table.

cooking for a sick friend

Cooking for people who enjoy eating. I have a friend recovering from major surgery. He’s hooked up to machines at home and can’t get around very well. He’s lost a ton of weight in the last few weeks, but these trays of lasagna and enchiladas should help.

new studies

Learning. I miss school! I took my first Portuguese lesson yesterday and it went well. I can’t wait to understand the basics. My tutor is a wonderful friend to boot.

What are your favorite things?


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  1. I too am a magazine junkie! Each month I get in the mail: O, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, and 5280 (Denver mag). I usually buy more off the shelf too.

    Other favorite things: wine, eating out (we actually have a retaurant list on our fridge that we consult), slippers and jammie pants, yoga, cozy nights at home with Kev and the pets, crossing things off my to-do list and being productive, ORDER. 🙂

    Fridays are also my favorite too!! Woohhooo TGIF!!

  2. I miss the USA after reading your blog. By the way, I too read “Fast Food Nation” and am a new woman because of it. I hope to read “O. Dilemma” very soon. Six (out of many) of my fav things: my husband, food (i.e. sushi, anything cheesy though I am lactose intolerant, chocolate), my bag collection, reading “Real Simple” mag, and doodling in my new Moleskine. Voila. 🙂

  3. Dave and I have managed to kill two lots of Ikea bamboo now. But the norfolk pine is flourishing.

  4. Fellow magazine junkie speaking up here! Great list. I’ll have to come up with one this weekend.

  5. Portuguese – oh how fun! I did a semester-long Portuguese class in college and very much enjoyed it. I don’t remember much anymore since it was ten (ten?!) years ago and I didn’t keep it up afterwards. Anyway, this was a creative way to approach this meme (which I, too, have been tagged to do) and I enjoyed seeing a few of your favorite things!!

    PS – I will have to check out Fast Food Nation. Sounds interesting.

  6. No strangeness here in your list – just a gathering of lovely thoughtfulness and simple pleasures…

    (which I enjoyed reading!)

  7. oh how i constantly envy you. and laugh that you take food to a bagel shop where you in turn purchase different food 🙂

  8. Great list! I love learning too. Bravo to you for learning Portuguese!

  9. What a fun list! Let’s see…mine would be books to read, coffee ice cream, skiing, my lavendar cashmere sweater, going to the movie theatre and my down comforter. Oh, and of course all my friends and family.

  10. Just another magazine fiend here….

    I do so miss bagels! In NJ, we had the most amazing pumpernickel bagels with a side of low fat scalion cream cheese. My closest bagel shop here in LA has pale pumpernickel? They open at 6:30-which would work for me before work, but they don’t start to make the bagels until later, so when I get there they haven’t really started baking yet.????

    I love to bake for eaters too…especially soups. I also really love to decorate sugar cookies.

    Too many loves to count!

    What are you going to read now that you finished FFN?
    Have a great day!

  11. I love magazines and bagels and baking too. How fun learning a new language. I love reading your blog.

  12. Your list is great and I think it represents you pretty well. I have to say that learning is also on my favorite list–the world is a fascinating place and there is no end to the new things that pop into my life each and every day. The trick is to be mindful of them.

  13. Multigrain bagels – YUMMY!! PB too? Perfect! 🙂 Oh and I tried a chocolate chip cookie recipe tonight from http://recipefordisaster.blogspot.com/2005/09/award-winning-soft-chocolate-chip.html which I found through Amanda at http://www.kickyboots.com. They were most definitely not flat (mine ALWAYS are) and everyone pronounced them yummy! 🙂

  14. It looks like we should start a magazine junkie club!! 🙂 It’s always nice to know that you aren’t alone…

    What a fun list of favorites!

  15. we share some favorites… i am a total magazine junkie! and the baking + brown thumb… i’m very attached to my 2 plants that have survived the “amisha special” 🙂

  16. Thanks for the linky love 🙂 I too love baking, gardening, eating!, cooking and I’m a magazine junkie. I try to recycle tho – share amongst friends etc then I don’t feel so bad about all that paper!

  17. Six Favorite Things:

    Hot Yoga. I crave it, i think my body starts sweating in pavlovian fashion when i even think about going to a class. I could rest in child for the entire hour and a half and still enjoy it. nothing like 97 degree heat when it’s 19 degrees outside.

    Running in the woods with my dog. Even when i don’t feel like running, she is so joyous, bounding about and sniffing, scittering on leaves, swimming in the ponds, that i get energy just from watching her. i swear she runs 2 miles to my every one, and never seems to get tired. plus, there is such peace in being alone in the woods, dodging rocks and roots…i’m always glad i went, even when i didn’t want to go.

    Reading. Fiction mostly, but non-fiction more and more as i age…i love to read, when we moved to this house we had 4 bookshelves built to hold just half of the books i own. i wish i was better about going to the library, especially since now it’s walking distance from my house, but there’s such pleasure to be derived from clicking on that barnes and noble or borders bookmark and typing in books i’ve read about in the new york times, the new yorker, entertainment weekly, friends recommendations…and so lovely to sit down and read them all.

    Cooking/Baking for others. I have to qualify this because cooking for my family isn’t as exciting, mostly because they don’t care all that much for quality as much as quantity…but cooking for company has great rewards, and i find it fun to go through old Gourmets, scour Epicurious, or Barefoot Contessa cookbooks and try something new and unusual for my bookgroup, friends, family.

    Tennis. Just started playing again and man, it is fun. it’s fun to think, to be challenged in the mind as well as the body, and find ways to make the body do what the mind intends. if i could get points for intention i’d be able to beat serena williams, for now i’m creeping up an in-house ladder at the club where i teach spinning.

    Watching old TV shows on DVR. I haven’t seen a commercial in a long, long time and don’t miss them a bit. loved re-discovering old eppies of Scrubs, Northern Exposure, Monk, My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks (some of those are on DVD, not tv)–and zapping through the commericials makes them all the more satisfying to re-enjoy!

    great list kelli. thanks to one of your respondents, i’m making the chocolate chip cookie with white chocolate pudding mix this afternoon.


  18. lovely list kelli… i think we’d get on great in ‘real life’… one of my favourite things is watching my children stomp in puddles in our street after the rain, shrieking with joy. and a good magazine when they’ve gone to bed, too…

  19. great list–and, hooray, another fellow English Breakfaster!

  20. Great job taking on a new language! I am starting an Italian course in a few weeks to further enrich my love of all things [Italian] opera. I *can’t wait*.

    As for tea… have you ever tried Lapsang Souchong? It has the most divine smokey scent and taste. Delish with a bit of milk and sugar. Lapsang Souchong mixed 50/50 with Lady Grey is mighty fine too. 🙂

  21. a few current favorites….
    our new puppy, learning to knit cables, African red bush tea, plain yogurt with blueberries for breakfast, & watching MI-5 on dvd while exercising

  22. Isn’t it funny how we enjoy learning about people. I’m always fascinated by others and what they like and dislike.

  23. that bagel looks delish (i envy your devotion to journaling…i say i’m going to do it and don’t. i think its b/c i would never want my thoughts to be found or if i did journal, i couldn’t express every feeling because of that fear).

    i too am a magazine whore! i love the new ms….those heart shaped eclairs look worthy of going through all the trouble.

    those dinners for your sick friend look delish too.

    and i love, that one of your portugese learning books looks like an elementary book. super cute.

  24. I realize I need to take more time when it is available to frequent friends blogs. Keep it going Kelli!

  25. kelli, is that a children’s portuguese book?
    i think i will buy a children’s book to help along with my portuguese. although i am learning new words everyday. of course the spanish helps a lot.

  26. Hi Kelli, I am really enjoying your blog! I am a former Tempe resident and ASU alum, and I nearly squealed out loud when I saw the Four Peaks pen next to your stack of books! I miss that 8th Street Ale!