Real World Mozambique

May 24th

Running like an Amazing Race star between terminals gets you on your flight, but does not do the same for your luggage.
Running through a Johannesburg “Woolworths” to buy a few things to last you “just overnight until your bags arrive” is fun but makes you feel even more like a pampered foreigner. Finding out the next day that while you will continue on to Mozambique, your luggage won’t follow for several days at best, makes you feel heartbroken and lousy for those who helped provide so much joy to what you packed.
I’m trying to keep a positive outlook. Cross your fingers for us please.
In the meantime, tomorow I’m out working with our field officers in the rural villages. I’m certain to be overwhelmed by the poverty and disease, as I am every time I visit one of our project sites. When this becomes normal, something has gone awry. Tomorrow I want to wake up with a renewed energy to find solutions to these problems, and the humility to realize just how incredible it is to be in Africa.
When life misplaces your luggage, realizing you have more on your plate and in your heart that you can already manage brings out one of your greatest possessions. Last time I checked, the airline couldn’t misplace my smile. Although they seriously tried this week.


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  1. that stinks about your bags. i hope the rest of your trip is a success. it’s good to hear the airline didn’t misplace your smile.

  2. Oh no! I hope you get your luggage soon!

  3. you’ve such a beautiful spirit. smile your way through the challenges.

  4. Your luggage will show up, I just know it will. All my positive thoughts are coming your way. It must be a bitch to see all the bad stuff but know this, it is women like you who change the world, little at a time, you make a difference…ciao, be safe.

  5. Oh, Keli!
    I am so sorry about your luggage! I am sure that was disapointing. I am sure the luggage will be there soon! I am sure that your smile is a welcome sight as well!

  6. never misplace that smile girl! glad to hear you are there safe and sound…even sans luggage!

  7. I’m sure they’ll get you your luggage soon. Don’t worry and enjoy the rest of your trip. I’m sure everyone’s happy to see YOU, the goodie bags are only a pleasant bonus surprise. 🙂

  8. Oh what a nice surprise to see an update from you! I am glad you are there safe and sound and feel positive you will do great things with or without your luggage. We can make a difference one person at a time – bringing our smiles to people everywhere! 🙂

  9. 🙂 Um sorriso para ti.

  10. Rachel May 24, 2007

    Take care!!

  11. And don’t you just know, that if you were “just a tourist,” and not carrying a load of goody bags for the children, your luggage would have been first onto the carousel!

    Chin up and all that!



  12. hopefully the bags will catch up to you.
    breathe and smile kelli.

  13. Tina from Santa Monica May 24, 2007

    We love you, Kelli! You go, girl!

  14. The bags will arrive! Don’t forget to breathe. Savour your time and experience. Sending you pixie dust and best wishes.

  15. Sending you lots of strength – it can be hard dealing with the poverty. I hope your bags arrive soon!

  16. tambien te regalo una sonrisa que fortalezca la tuya… un abrazo, estoy segura las maletas llegaran.

  17. you are a trooper and i expect that your lack of bags won’t slow you down at all!

  18. Glad you made it safe!

  19. Our good spirits in packing up those things will help the officers to get your baggage to you very soon!!

  20. Kelli, I swear you make me cry every time I read your blog. Your work and spirit are an inspiration. We’re all pulling for you and wishing you and your travel companions the best.

  21. Aw sweetie – I do love you and that indefatigable smile!

    All fingers *and* toes crossed for you on this journey….

  22. Just glad you made it safely. Good luck with your work.

  23. your attitude and outlook towards your work, towards life, are beautiful. i don’t think anyone could take away your smile!

  24. Wouldn’t you know it, but don’t let it get to you. For the moment, think of it as “traveling light”. Hopefully the bags will arrive shortly!

  25. You have an incredible attitude which has always served you well. I think that your big heart and smile will be welcomed just as much (if not even more) than the bags – which I just know will turn up.

    Travel safe. You’re in my thoughts 🙂

  26. kel, of course you would realize that what the people over there need from you wasn’t packed in your bag. that is why you are kelli and that is why you are there. pretty incredible.
    nice title to this post, btw.
    be careful, thinking about you.

  27. Jennifer D May 25, 2007

    Oh the excitment and anticipation of waiting for a package to arrive! I’m sure everything will get there and what a party it will be when you open it up! So gald to hear that you’re safe. Keep smiling! XOXOXOX

  28. What bad luck… I hope your luggage will arrive real soon!! Good luck!

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