Recipe: Squashed Mac & Cheese

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Reading one of my favorite cooking magazines this morning, I ran across a homemade mac & cheese recipe that had me drooling. While I would love it with chard, or kale, I’m thinking most people don’t want mystery greens in their comfort food. Instead, I thought I’d roast an acorn squash and blend it into the cheese sauce with some roast garlic.



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Homemade mac & cheese


2 packages elbow macaroni

1 package cream cheese

1/2 pound cheese of choice — I like colby jack

1 cup flour

4 cups milk

4 clove garlic

1 acorn squash

2 tbs olive oil

1 tbs cayenne

1 tbs pepper

salt to taste

1/4 cup bread crumbs


Roast acorn squash and garlic at 350 for 40 minutes. In the meantime, on the stove, add olive oil and diced onion. Cook until translucent — about five minutes. Then add flour and milk. Whisk for five minutes until it comes to a boil. Add cayenne, pepper, cream cheese and cheese — diced. Continue to whisk until the sauce is creamy and thick. Pour into food processor. Add roast acorn squash and garlic and pulse.

Boil macaroni for 10 minutes in salted water. Drain. Pour into two casserole dishes. Add a pat of butter if desired. Pour cheese/squash sauce over pasta. Sprinkle bread crumbs on top. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

Voila — a secret way to get vegetables into an otherwise luxurious meal. My friend Raleigh is under the weather and without health insurance at the moment. I’m bringing by this comfort food with a loaf of bread tomorrow.


14 Replies to “Recipe: Squashed Mac & Cheese”

  1. And I hope Raleigh feels better soon. One day, hopefully, ALL of us will have access to affordable healthcare.

  2. Well, that oughtta do the trick, hopefully. I hope Raleigh feels better soon. It’s scary not to have health insurance. I hope that, with the current administration, some positive changes can be made.

    Another yummy dish from Kelli’s Kitchen. Comfort food is the best.

  3. YUM! I just caved and got a subscription, but have yet to receie this issue. I am going to make this Mac & Cheese this week, looks great.

    How could you not feel better after a big bowl of Mac & Cheese and some yummy bread, your a good friend Kelli.

  4. MMMmm! Sounds and looks delicious! If I wanted to put in greens, how would it be done? Boiling it with the macaroni, or sauteing it? I’d love the squash, but 1 hour 20 min. of oven use is expensive for me.
    Still, my mouth is watering at the sight…

  5. Great adaptation of the recipe Kelli. I look forward to trying it. I love chard so I will be trying it with that as well. You go Girl! Your cooking skills have grown so much since I first met you. I love it! Have a great week!

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