Red, White and Frida all Over

November 5th

Working Frida

Yesterday I received another pretty incredible stroke of kindness from the craft world. KatyRenee had a contest a while back on her blog and I won. I was able to select an image and she said she’d whip something up for me. Of course, I looked to my creative idol — Ms. Kahlo.

Gift box from Katy
Frida in a box
So happy with my new Frida fabulousness

Why yes, I am in love. Thank you Katy!

To see why Frida inspires me, check out some of these images. I have tentative plans to spend some time in San Miguel de Allende with mi amigita Alma next Fall visiting Frida’s studio. Holy guacamole, that would be the trip of a lifetime. Frida’s story, and many others, do make me believe that many great artists often find inspiration from tragedy. Thankfully, I admire their work in my sphere of happiness (while wearing awesome accessories.)


{NaNoBlogMo is officially kicking my butt. Who knew blogging everyday for a month would be tricky for a girl who never shuts up? Yeah. I’m surprised too.}

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13 Responses

  1. Beautiful necklace:) Did you see the movie that Selma Hyak made about Frida? By the way you have a beautiful smile:)

  2. Totally cool!!!

    That would be a nice trip.

  3. Very nice pendants, really. I know you’ll be very happy to wear them around……

  4. Oh so pretty – and perfect for you : ) I really hope you get to take that trip…

  5. Fun necklaces. Beautiful and creative. (Don’t you usually post something every day? How is NaNoBlogMo kicking your butt?)

  6. very nice pieces. i too love frida….i have some images of her on magnets on my fridge. your pendants are great.

  7. Love the necklace. It looks very nice on you.

  8. Awesome.

    I love San Miguel de Allende. I spend a week or so there way back in 1996! You should definately go. GO!

    Another Frida place worth a visit, but not really near San Miguel de Allende is La Casa Azul, Museo Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan (a Mexico City suburb). It’s the house where she lived with Diego Rivera for 25 years. It has a small selection of her own artwork, plus artifacts she collected, other pieces from her life.

  9. Totally cool necklaces.

  10. Maybe the necklace will provide added inspiration. Did you know November was national novel writing month?

  11. lovely Frida necklace on a lovely woman! hope you enjoy that nice treat.