October 8th

Not for long



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Get out of the way, construction dude

Good news — as of this morning at 7:01 am, Tempe Town Lake is being refilled. Remember when one of the bladders burst earlier this summer? After watching the workers during countless runs around the lake over the last few months, they filled the final bladder this morning.

The Mayor + his council

Media feast

The mayor and his council thoroughly enjoyed the moment in the spotlight — ready to talk about how the city’s lake is the second most visited landmark in Arizona.  Of course I couldn’t wait to ask about the fish. When would they be returned?

It will take two weeks


It will take two weeks

I was told — without a trace of humor — that the “utility fish and Israeli carp would be installed later this month.” Utility fish and Israeli carp? This sounds like a Simpson’s episode where a lake of fish wearing yarmulkes, Swiss army knives and cargo pants take over. Should make future swimming events a bit more interesting.


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5 Responses

  1. We’re screwed if the Israeli Carp learn krav maga.

  2. Is that a man made lake?

  3. A couple years ago when we visited Arizona, we were told by at least 2 other locations that they, too, were the 2nd most visited place in Arizona. of course the Canyon is first, but sounds like everyone is fighting to be number 2. But, regardless, I know you and the other Phonecians (sp?) will be happy upon it’s return and that is good.

  4. Awesome that it’s back despite the total bizarreness and incongruity of its existence. We got used to it and it looked pathetic without it. Wish I could have been there to see it.