Resolution Redux

Elephant necklace by Queenthings

My new elephant pendant from Jenny of QueenThings/True Nature. Tres African. I love it. (Nice random hair stuck to my chest. Oy.)

Have you looked at the calendar lately? Six months have whizzed past and I swear I was just welcoming 2006’s birth 20 minutes ago. How this year is flying by! Before I’m scratching my head wondering how Thanksgiving has already arrived, I figured it was worth the time to stop and review my resolutions.
This year, I didn’t make concrete, measurable goals. Instead, I gave myself an outline.

~Finish my book.
~Spend more time in Africa and see a new country.
I’m happy to report a two-week work trip/vacay is planned for November, including a jaunt to Malawi for some much desired snorkeling.
~Speak Spanish more often.
After two weeks in Nicaragua and three weeks in South America this fall, double check.
~Be a better friend.
I’m working on it.
~Plot the next step in my international health career.
Well, there was the job in Sudan I applied for. This isn’t for lack of trying. Perhaps I’m just destined to be a novelist who writes about public health issues. La de dah. Wouldn’t that be nice?
~Learn a new craft.
Embroidery. I’m working on it.

There are plenty of other goals I’d like to accomplish in 2006. I’m adding a resolution addendum:
~Train and complete a half marathon
~Replace carpet in mi casita
~Plant a fall garden
~Bake a great loaf of bread for Thanksgiving dinner
~Start book #2
~Buy a tri bike, join a tri team
~Have friends over more often. Host small events and don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of throwing themed galas.
~Spend less time worrying about my appearance and more time admiring my surroundings.
~Be friendlier
~Slow down on the freeway.

How are you resolutions panning out?

Phew. That’s enough to keep me busy for a bit. Off to prioritize!

9 Replies to “Resolution Redux”

  1. Excellent resolutions girl! It’s so wonderful that you’ve written a book. I admire that so much! I think being more accepting of my own self is a good resolution to work on. I am happy that I’ve committed to make healthy lifestyle changes & exercising regularly. So good for my physical, as well as mental health. And the goal to be a better friend (and daughter on my list) is a fabulous one we should all strive for!

  2. wow! you have many more things in mind that you had planned at the end of last year! but it is so good that you have done of those tasks already and have such big challenges (like the half marathin) in mind. I admire you. I really don’t have many plans and I think that makes me less efficient than if I organized myself a bit more. I love your blog btw!

  3. Jenny is so lovely! She may be moving to my state soon and maybe we will meet in person. 😉 That necklass couldn’t have found a better home.

    I really like the worry less about my apperance and enjoy my surroundings goal. I think that we could all put that on our “to do” list.

  4. tri-bike? no es necessario. just a good, mid-to-top line citizen’s bike will do the job, and be much more comfortable on the long-distance rides you’ll soon find yourself doing because riding a pretty nice way to see AZ.

    where is “join the VOTS Ultimate Fall League” on your amended list? 🙂

  5. so many nice resolutions! you’ve accomplished so much in so little time.

    i started to read your blog (while on bedrest) when you were cleaning out your closet to take your skirts on your trips to give away. and your “CAOK,” too (although I think that was for lent). anyway, you’ve accomplished so very much!! you have to feel good about what you’ve done already.

    my “goal” was to be more compassionate to those in need and to help lighten someone’s load. with my pregnancy and subsequent bedrest, i feel that i’ve been more of the recipient this year. things don’t always go as planned… maybe next year (and, by the way, that was my same goal last year, and I did accomplish it … at least in my opinion).

  6. Yes. Ive been thinking about checking in my resolutions, too. However, theres one that stands out that Im not ready to deal with quite yet. So far it looks like you are kicking major butt though!

    Book two? Are you insane? Insanely talented, yes. A tri!? Tres ambitious.

    Go for it Donk!

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