October 26th

On the needles

In this case, for his pleasure. (Who says knitting can’t be sexy?) A Malabrigo ribbed scarf in the works as a commissioned gift for a friend’s boyfriend.

I am plotting my holiday projects on an Excel spreadsheet. I’ll be sharing at least one a week until Christmas. I’m certain there will be homemade love that is baked, sewn, knitted, photographed and wrapped in a recycled bow.

Are you planning anything homemade? What are the projects that have you inspired? Please share what you are interested in creating, how you track your gifts and what type of planning you use concerning your time and supplies. I’d love some help!


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12 Responses

  1. I have 20 crochet scarves ready for Christmas… 😀 My little hands have been busy.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who plots their holiday gift ideas in Excel. (Well, I use a spreadsheet in Google Docs, but same thing.) I start my list of ideas as early as November or December for the following years. There are a lot of great ideas floating around the interwebs during those months, but I generally already have gifts planned for the year. I add to my list of ideas and tutorials throughout the year, then start finalizing everything around October. I’m planning dress up outfits and accessories for young nieces and daughter and a shirt for my 9-year-old niece. I also have a quilt or two planned. And baked goodies my co-workers. But first, I have to finish these Halloween costumes! Christmas sewing starts November 1st!

  3. Is that Malabrigo? That should be very pleasureful, indeed! I don’t think I’ll be making many gifts this year, although I did knit a Christmas stocking for Josiah before he was born, so that sort of counts, right? And I am planning on hitting up the Fair Trade Bazaar at church in a couple of weeks.

  4. Haven’t even thought as far as December 🙂 I keep track of my craft to-dos in a sticky-note list in iGoogle. Actually, I keep track of most of my life in iGoogle!

  5. I love your hair. Your blog is great! It’s grown and changed, just as you have. Keep rockin’ it.

  6. I look forward to being inspired by your creativity and energy!

    I’ve got a couple of requests to fulfill for the holidays. First is a Where’s Waldo scarf for my nearly 21 yr. old son to go with the Where’s Waldo hat I gave him last year. Second is a 70’s style poncho and matching hat for my hippie chick daughter in mustard colored yarn, or would that be harvest gold? There will be more projects, time permitting!

  7. i track my projects via Ravelry – around July i tend to go a little crazy and add project upon project for everyone on my holiday list! then as i knit, i can share photos and notes there, without worrying that the recipients will see! if i run out of time, i simply delete the projects and find something else to gift!

    although, i’d love to see your spreadsheet!

  8. This is why I love your blog – I started my spreadsheet of homemade crafty holiday goodness yesterday. My new husband thinks I am crazy…but then again, we’ve never shared Christmas in the same state (and he never really celebrated living on his own) so he just hasn’t experienced the “crafty Christmas.” Can’t wait to see the projects you share with us!!

  9. I have a plan in Excel too, full of ideas and gifts already given so to not give double (it happened…..) and I usually write down my ideas for a certain person way too early in the year, if I come across something that suits the receiver (or what I think the receiver would like). Considering I don’t sew, I don’t knit, I barely bake….. all I have to do is to find the stores where can buy what I need!

  10. Larissa Stretton October 27, 2010

    Joining the club–I too use Excel for gift giving ideas,purchases, etc. This year not a lot of handmade goodness, alas, but I have the cross-stitch Christmas cards done–always look at those as “presents” for people I love and don’t get to see as much as I’d like. In order to make the Christmas deadline, I start stitching right after Christmas and work through the year ’til the needlepart is done, and then make each card individually (I make over 30 a year, and each card takes a long time, so this is a pretty big undertaking).

    Thanks again for the great blog!! Love it!!

  11. Oh honey — I think my Christmas gift spreadsheet is one of my favorite things. For real (even if it is pathetic!) I always keep a list of recipients, the gifts I intend to make/buy — which are crossed out as they’re completed — and the cost. And I need all of that detail, because I can’t remember one year to the next what I did for everyone and have almost duplicated several times. Yikes.

    This year, let’s see: embellished beach towels; diy craft sets w/book for younger girls; delish tea; French macaroons in recycled tea tins (hopefully); and much more! And I want to be finished w/all but the baking by Dec 1. Sure, it’s going to happen! 😉

  12. You may be surprised to know that I have no holiday craft planning tracker or anything. Even with my undying love for the Google Spreadsheet.

    I also decided that no one is getting anything sewn or knitted this year. Everything will be edible. And probably canned.

    Or a book. Books are good.