Rock Star Buns: aka Catnip for Men

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The first time I made Jane’s rock bun recipe, I got rave reviews. From my father. My very health conscious father who doesn’t rave about much, much less baked goods.
So I made them again.
And again.
And again.
They have now become one of his favorite desserts. While I’m not entirely sold that he loves them as much as he says he does, it’s worth the praise regardless of its sincerity.
I’ve changed Jane’s recipe slightly, adding toasted coconut, cherry flavored cranberries and orange zest. My brother received a few of these this weekend in his early Easter basket. He called me just to tell me how good they were. Not to ask for a favor, not to bug me about something trivial — to thank me for his new favorite treat. I know. Stop the presses. It made me beam.
Jane, you’re on to something here. We’ve coined her rock buns as Rock Star buns and the men in my family are officially in love.
A good medium between a cookie and a scone, they are fruity, sweet and addictive.

plate of rock buns

These may or may not be going with me to Texas tomorrow to celebrate Easter. I wouldn’t want to give away my final CAOK gift, but to know me is to know I can’t keep a secret. So, Papi, they are coming with me. Let’s just hope the airline people can keep their hungry little paws off of these babies.
CAOK is offically wrapped up, at least until I get home and have a chance to sit back down at my sewing machine. I’ve truly enjoyed surprising my friends here and there and sharing a bit of love. Karma has come back to me ten-fold. After swimming through a rough sea of not so smooth waters there for a couple of months, I’m now fanning myself on the beach ordering another margarita — so to speak. The old adage that the best way to get over your own petty grief is to focus on helping others actually works. Who knew?

Wishing you a happy and sweet Spring,

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  1. Ooh! I’ll have to try out that recipe — anything to fatten up hubby. Travel safe to Texas and enjoy your time with the Donk fam 🙂

  2. Kelli – they sound wonderful – I’m going to have to give them a try. Regarding those socks for sock monkeys – let me know if you’re having trouble finding a souce, I can send you some links. Have a wonderful visit with your family and a very happy Easter!

  3. It’s a long time to Easater! Oh well, we will survive. Have a wonderful holiday, obviously I envy you the warm weather…ciao

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