Rock the Race

November 7th

still trying to get the hang of fusing plastic

Ann of Tasterspoon fame was so incredibly sweet to me during my race training. She would send me these thoughtful emails about her experience training and right before the race sent me a giant box of race foods to try out before competing. She is an amazing athlete and really just a cool girl.

A peek inside the plastic-lined tri bag

To show my appreciation for the dozens of emails she sent, answering my every question about training, the race, the food, the clothes (oh my GOD — some people pee in their shorts during the race?!), etc… I made her a bag I thought was appropriate to her northern California athletic sensibilities.
Using this plastic fusing tutorial and a bit of canvas, twill and some alphabet stamps, I created my first tri tote:

top of tri bag

Swim. Bike. Run. Rock the race.

simple tri-bag

Now she can load up her wet swimming suit, dirty cycling cleats or sweaty running clothing and wipe out the interior of the bag afterward. Woo hoo! I finally figured out what to do with those stupid plastic bags in my junk drawer. Sewing, recycling and triathlons. I swear I think I just went to hobby Nirvana.
Thanks again Ann!


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25 Responses

  1. I saw where someone crochet a pair of sandels with these bags!Was it you?

  2. Ah, another Target bag gone to good reuse. Nicely done! And no peeing in one’s shorts, please. Nasty.

  3. oh too cute.
    I’m sure the people at Target would love to see this.

  4. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. We’re saving the world one Target back at a time, eh?

  5. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for someone who was so very kind to you. I love how you made this project as well as the way you took into consideration her needs and interests. Super project, Kelli!

  6. What a beautiful gesture. I’m sure she will love it just as you loved her emails of encouragment.

  7. That’s excellent – I love it! Something to do with all those evil Target bags…

  8. That bag is just too cool!

  9. what an awesome gift!

  10. cool bag!! and thanks for the link to the plastic fusing tutorial, will have to have a go at that.

  11. Awesome idea!! πŸ™‚

  12. This is SO cool, Kelli!

  13. Great bag Kelli! I’m sure she’ll love it. πŸ™‚

  14. That’s awesome!

  15. Wow Kelli, you’re awesome!

  16. This is so cool! What a great idea.

  17. I swear, Kelli, everything you do is wonderful.

  18. That is really GREAT!

  19. Love it!! This is so neat.

  20. Love the bag. I always thought you are a wonderful person, and each post makes me more positive on the matter.
    About morning panic attacks, I wonder if it would be more effective if every person on the planet had them each single morning. Maybe this way everyone would do something in order to ease the panic, helping others, changing their lifestyle to consume less and better, vote for people who really care, an on and on……

  21. This is wonderful!!

  22. What a great bag! I love the idea of making something great from a bag that can’t be recycled. πŸ™‚ Way to go! And such a thoughtful gift as well.

  23. I carried your bag all the way to Clearwater planning to take a picture of it with some Ironman flags in the background…and then totally forgot to take the picture. :(((

    I love it.

  24. glad to see you used the plastic fusing technique. I just got back from crazy Disney world with a ton of bags and a desire to make a lined bag with them. any hints on how you did the lining? thanks!