Rocky Mountain High!

Rosie spoiled me rotten. She drew the short stick and got me for the wristlet swap. I have so enjoyed getting to know her and hope we can one day catch up in Denver, if I ever get my lazy butt to Colorado to visit my brother.

Check out what she sent:

Colorado wristlet from Rosie

Isn’t that wristlet beautiful? And she made it out of recycled clothing, because, “Colorado is environmentally friendly.” I love it! The chapstick is beer flavored — from a Colorado beer. Chocolate, tea, a beer cozy — all the goodies are just awesome. As if that wasn’t enough…

Bolivian bolsita from Rosie

A second wristlet for the Bolivian Bolsita project. WOW! And it was stuffed with very thoughtful personal hygiene items. I am just bowled over by her kindness.

She also sent me a clock! Super cool. She made it out of a box of earl grey tea. And a lovely bar of lavender soap that I’ve already enjoyed.

Thank you very much Rosie!

You other wristlet participants have just a few hours to send in your photos. The flickr album with all the details should be up later in the week — along with a list of prizes.


8 Replies to “Rocky Mountain High!”

  1. Wow! Terrific goodies & beautiful wristlets. So cool! And you know this clock made out of a tea box has peaked my interest big time! I need to know how that works. I love altering items! I’m off to “meet” Rosie & her blog right now.

  2. verrrrry nice!

    and what a cute idea to put a bead on the handle! it’s amazing to see different versions of the “same” wristlet!

  3. Very cool! I love all of it. 🙂

    The bead on the ribbon handle is a very interesting idea….hmmmm…crafting is like jazz. You steal the good stuff and incorporate it into your own “tune.” heee hee!

  4. you are tooooo nice! you should know that the wristlet with the stuff for Bolivia was the VERY FIRST wristlet I’ve ever made….

    (and you deserve all of it.)

  5. TWO wristlets! Cheater! Kidding — they are beautiful and I love that one was stocked with personal hygiene stuff — good thinking 🙂 Congrats on a swap well done!

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