August 8th

I’ve spent the last few days in the Pacific Northwest soaking up rainy weather and laughter among friends. When I arrived Thursday, I was greeted by Shelley, her husband and children, and their friend visiting from Italy. The men had prepared an amazing Roman summer lunch:

Prosciutto + Melon

Washington Wine

Andrea's pasta

Andrea's pasta

Potatoes for Dinner

(And were busy preparing for a dinner we’d later enjoy under the stars)

I had a lovely trip and was spoiled by Shell and Alessandro. It was so very nice to meet their children and get caught up. We hadn’t seen each other since Yellowstone — so it was a treat to sit, gab, eat great food, feel the rain patter above the lunch umbrella and listen to happy babies playing nearby.  {I took lots of photos of this sweet family, but need to make sure posting them online is kosher. TBA.}

She is an amazing hostess! (Including a giant basket of goodies that awaited my arrival, fresh baked sweet breads each morning and more laughter between what was lost in Italian + English translations than I care to explain.)


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5 Responses

  1. I’m allergic to melon, but have always been curious about the pairing of salty prosciutto with what I imagine is sweet melon. Thanks for a picture that almost puts the taste — though forbidden to me — in my mouth. I miss you and though of you all weekend as I was at a wedding taking place in the park where we met once.

  2. Wow, everything looks so tasty! And I am glad that you had a lovely weekend. Nothing like that part of the world really.

  3. Thanks to you for making me find traces of Shelley again!!! I’m sure I will follow her blog agin from now on….

  4. Okay, that pasta looks amazing. Glad you and Shell had a great weekend!