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August 30th

The harvest

My friend Juliann and I are currently rocking the Whole 30 challenge: 30 days of nothing but strict paleo eating.* It’s a way to reset your diet if you’ve been doing paleo, but have found yourself having far too many cheat days/exceptions.

Sweet grape tomatoes
My goal is to continue with this way of eating, keeping the 80/20 rule in mind. And, it’s working. I feel great. I started this challenge in addition to finishing the UltraMind Solution, which Finny recommends. I’ve watched her migraines disappear thanks to Hyman’s formula for adding a few specific supplements and vitamins to a much healthier way of eating. While it is far too early for me to make sweeping statements about what my new routine is providing, I will say the combination of drinking less alcohol, being mindful of what I’m eating, taking a supplement and vitamin routine, and getting a daily dose of exercise has me feeling good.

In fact, the way I know I’m feeling good is a result of those cheats. When I do fall head over heels into a bucket of margaritas and guacamole? I come out the next day achy, cranky and with a sick stomach. And the ever-annoying feeling of guilt.


Better sleep, clearer skin, stronger nails (as in, I actually have nails for the first time in my life), and a rosier outlook — they may all be placebo, but I welcome them happily. I’m fascinated to see what the result of our 30 days will be, and how we’ll move forward.


And having this little one as my hiking, walking and running buddy isn’t hurting either.

Somebody got a hair cut...

Yeah. 100% madly in love.
If you are interested in paleo, I highly recommend Karen’s blog for recipes, insight and humor.


*By “strict” I mean allowing myself a bit of wiggle room on the weekends when being social.

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6 Responses

  1. Awesome!! I’m eating paleo too! Weirdest thing I’ve eaten/made. Meatloaf with cabbage and carrots in it–not sure how I feel about it, but have had it for breakfast the last too days and it keeps me full and energetic.

  2. Good for you, Kelli! Looks like WNM is in obedience class, how is that going?

  3. Bwa ha ha! My Paleo army is set for world domination!

    Thanks for the linky-loo. I hope it serves you and you don’t come after me with pitchforks and torches. 😉

  4. Nice work! This is similar to the “cleanse” diet I’ve done. Not easy to start and break habits, but glad it’s going well! Hooray.

  5. Not doing the Paleo myself, but another good recco from Dr. Hyman’s book is the no added sugar thing, which I’m testing. As in, I’m limiting added sugar rather than giving it up completely. The beauty is that you can still have sweet things – as long as they’re sweet from naturally occurring sugar. Like fruit and such.

    We’ll see in a month. Which, I agree, is a good way to gauge the efficacy of things.

    Also good – Health Month. We should chat on that, Donk – it’s great for testing out habits and health 🙂

  6. Love the puppy!