Round 2

January 22nd

I like making things for the second time much more than the first. And the third more than the second. There is such a learning curve with most creative projects.

Also, I get a little obsessed. Once I want to do scrappy quilting, or bake the world’s best gingersnaps, that’s pretty much all I want to do.

Round 2:

Round Two

I’ve eaten so many of these, I very well may have pre-diabetes this week. But hey! The sugar highs fueled another table runner. Similar fabric choices:

Round Two

Round Two

Loving the new quilting foot I received for my machine. It makes such a difference with the consistency of stitches and flattening all the layers during quilting. Of course, now I have three quilting books on my desk and I’m eyeing table runners that might as well involve climbing Everest. A logical leap in skill and ability, there, Donley.

Next up: two beard hats. I’m starting over because the original pattern I used created hats and beards for a man the size of Paul Bunyan. And the men I’m knitting these babies for? Well, I wouldn’t call them delicate, but I’m pretty sure I could piggy back them up a mountain. Like, say, Everest.

Carry on!





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3 Responses

  1. Love. I so can’t commit to much repeat business, especially in the recipe index. It takes something super special to get me to re-do a meal/baked good. And for the record, my husband politely pleading does count for something super special 😉 It has it’s pros and cons – con, if he falls in love with something I make, he’s not likely to try it again, at least not soon. Pros – if he hates something I make he only has to eat it once. Unless I love it. Then it’s pretty much that or cereal for dinner. Oh snap!
    *Ginger snap.

  2. I wish I lived closer so we could share some of your delicious gingersnaps and coffee with what I am sure would be hours…(days) of good conversation!

    Hugs from Massachusetts!

  3. For some reason I don’t like gingersnaps. I’m pretty sure it’s from my Girl Scout leader insisting that they would keep me from getting car sick (never did) and the warm lemon water she served with them.